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Carlo Aquino Responds To A Basher Who Made Death Threats Against His Daughter: 'Ano na ang nangyari sa mundong ito?'

It was from a troll account, too.

You know the world is *seriously* messed up when people are out there bashing and insulting babies. Yes, BABIES. In a recent Instagram Story, Carlo Aquino addressed a basher who made several uncalled-for comments about his daughter Enola Mithi. *Trigger warning: disturbing content* The basher even went as far as making death threats, writing: "Ang sarap mo namang patayin bata ka...Gawin kaya kitang punching bag para mawala na yung mukha mo." 

Carlo Aquino's response to bashers 

Carlo shared a photo of the basher's disturbing messages and wrote on IG: "Full-grown adults who make fake accounts to do this. Ano na ang nangyari sa mundong ito? Papaano kayo pinalaki ng mga magulang niyo? Magkano sinasahod niyo para gawin 'to? Worth it ba?" Carlo, however, didn't reveal the basher's username. 

carlo aquino to daughter's bashers
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Carlo's partner Trina Candaza also reposted the screenshot, saying: "Nakakagalit. Mga ganitong klase ng basher mga salot kayo. Puro kayo fake account, pero takot na takot ipakita mga pagmumukha niyo." 

carlo aquino to daughter's bashers

Carlo and Trina introduced Enola Mithi to the public in September 2020. Their adorable daughter even has her own IG account now, and she will be turning a year old in 2021. 

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enola mithi aquino

This isn't the first time people bashed celebrity babies. Recently, Markus Paterson and Janella Salvador also addressed bashers of their five-month-old son Jude. The persons involved later publicly apologized for their rude comments on social media, to which Markus responded: "The sad thing is, these people will cry about it claiming they're sorry. If you weren't caught, would you have been sorry?" 

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