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Catriona Gray Teaches You How To Do Her Miss Universe Coronation Makeup

Here's your guide to a Miss U glow-up from the queen herself!

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to do Catriona Gray’s winning ~lewk~ as Miss Universe, she teaches you exactly how to recreate it in a new Vogue video.

Catriona starts with micellar water then face oil serum. She prefers to use an eye cream with a green tint. “It hits two birds with one stone. I use it around my nose and places where I get dry and red because the green helps combat that redness."

Then she applies foundation, working it from the center outwards for a more natural blend. For concealer, she’s all about using minimal products to keep her look as natural as possible.


After putting some baking powder on her under eye, she works on her lids. “I have small lids and almond eyes, so I really like to accentuate and bring out the shadows.” Her tip for applying liquid liner: apply pencil liner as a guide first. “Because when you go straight to liquid, it’s so stressful. Once it’s on, it’s on!”


Her beauty holy grail? A good eyelash curler. If you’re using falsies, don’t curl your lashes too much, otherwise they’ll “literally go backwards.” For pageant glam, she likes to use two pairs of falsies on top of each other.

Then, she uses a sheer powder to dust off the baking powder and give her under eye a little shimmer. One of the products she uses for contouring is an eyebrow palette to contour her nose and give her eyes some definition, too.

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Catriona is all about fluffy brows. Her tip for those with long brow hair like hers? “Use eyelash glue that dries clear. Get a spoolie, tap, and brush through your eyebrows. It will make it stay in place all day and add dimension to your brows, too.”

No matter what her lipstick color is, she makes it a point to use lip liner. If you prefer a natural, brownish lip, you can add some color by using a small amount of red lippie “to make it a little more fresh and youthful.”

Finally, use some setting spray and you’re all set!

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