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Once Again, Netizens Are Accusing Catriona Gray Of Not Supporting Rabiya Mateo

PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/catriona_gray, (RIGHT) Instagram/yugenpr

Nothing seems to escape netizens who blow everything on social media out of proportion. Case in point, Catriona Gray's support for Rabiya Mateo at the 2020 Miss Universe competition is once again being questioned.

Yesterday, Catriona tweeted about her favorite national costumes. She wrote, "Indonesia, Nepal, Peru, Thailand, Ukraine, and Vietnam were my Top 6 @missuniverse National Costumes. Who were yours?"


Some netizens were surprised that there was no mention of the Philippines on Cat's list, and out of their love for Rabiya, they took it to mean zero support for the 2020 Miss Universe Philippines candidate.

One Twitter user replied to Catriona's tweet, "You said before you always feel the love and the support of every Filipino, but you're not giving that love and support to Rabiya [or] even using your popularity to encourage your followers to vote for Rabiya. Sad lang. But I respect your opinion."

Another user wrote, "Cat, what is this behavior? Char. Kidding aside, I know you're trying not to be biased and whatever, but at this point and time, the Philippines needs a strong support system. I respect your opinion, queen, pero ano ang magiging outcome nito kay Rabiya?"

There were also tweets calling Cat out for voicing her opinions in public. One reads, "Freedom of expression, yes, but in this situation, can we be sensitive please in voicing out our opinions? Be sensitive to the people behind the creation of her national costume, Cat. This is an insensitive post coming from a former Miss Universe."

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Another states, "I think it's better for her not to publicize these top picks. Nakakainsulto kasi in this time, sana kay Rabiya tayo mag-focus."

Catriona has said that the national costume segment is one of her favorite aspects of Miss Universe, "because it showcases diverse and rich cultures." After the criticism on Twitter, she tweeted, "My best in national costume picks are my favorite national costumes, not based on the candidates' performance. I love the celebration of culture and a country's expression of identity, which is why it's one of my favorite segments!"


A few days ago, Catriona was first accused of not supporting Rabiya because she doesn't cheer for Rabiya on social media. In an Instagram post, Cat wrote in part, "Seeing all the arrival looks so I'm reminiscing my own arrival look in Thailand. (Definitely one of my favorites!) Who are you all cheering for?"


One IG user put it bluntly to Cat: "You're a Filipina. Instead of cheering for @rabiyamateo, you ask people who they are cheering for?"

"I'm a Filipina AND a Miss Universe. It's a celebration of women from all over the world," replied Catriona.

Catriona also told another netizen, "I've reached out to @rabiyamateo throughout her journey privately. Not everything is on display on social media."

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