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Catriona Gray On Reclaiming Power Over Life's Biggest Challenges


Catriona Gray says the world is simultaneously uplifting, ever-changing, and discouraging. But we should find the power within ourselves to become stronger.

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Catriona Gray by Cream Silk for

Catriona Gray
describes the year's first half as a “rollercoaster.” She was occupied by a lot of things, from work to family.
“Crazy to think that 2022 is already halfway gone. This year has been such a rollercoaster for me.”

She recounted her recent trip to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Singapore, where they unveiled a wax figure to celebrate the Miss Universe 2018 titleholder. Catriona is the first and only Filipino to have a wax figure at Madame Tussauds, which she calls “a huge honor.”

But her trip was cut short due to her father’s unexpected heart surgery. “[That] was truly one of the scariest and uncertain moments for my family and me.” Since then, she has intentionally spent time with her family.

Catriona’s excitement to regain a sense of normalcy to work has not ceased. Like a queen eager to meet and be a model to her subjects, she continuously looks forward to doing her projects and participating in various engagements. “I was optimistic at the start of the year, hoping we would experience some normalcy as work within and around my industry started picking up again with live shows and performances.”

While on social media, we see glimpses of her life coiffed and glammed to perfection, she admits that there were moments that made her feel defeated and hopeless. It was a challenging year, and she realized that the world is simultaneously ever-changing, uplifting, and discouraging. But she believes that we should not anchor ourselves on these things alone.

“Whether that means allowing the hope you hold for your nation to be defined by a new cabinet of leaders or allowing your self-worth to be defined by ever-changing beauty standards. I have learned that you should anchor yourself to your faith, hope, and values.”

Adapting to changes

“Things will never go the way you think they will, even if you’ve planned them to a T,” Catriona reflected. She thinks that much of life is learning to adapt and making the most of whatever situation you find yourself in.

Looking back on her personal experiences, she says no matter how the course of things pans out, there will always be a lesson to learn or an opportunity to gain experience. She adds that it’s also an opportunity to help those around you. “You just have to be open and willing to see it.”

When asked about how to reclaim self-love amid difficult changes in life, Catriona answered that getting together with people she loves and bonding over a good meal energizes her. Having people to share her worries or difficult moments eases her thanks to their encouragement and bright perspective.

“[Making] sure to set aside time for myself even if it’s just 30 minutes a day.” She also uses this time to journal, meditate or work out. She found that pouring [time] for yourself should be an essential part of her every day.

As someone on the go, busy with prep and styling, Catriona places self-care as a top priority, which she extends through her beauty routine and pamper sessions. In addition, she is keen on maintaining simple habits like getting her eight hours of sleep, keeping hydrated, and working out to keep her focused.

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