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10 Celeb Dads And The Most Heartwarming Things They Said About *Fatherhood*

Nico Bolzico: 'Everything I do—in terms of career, fitness, health—it's about her.'
PHOTO: (left to right) instagram/dongdantes, instagram/nicobolzico

To celebrate Father's Day this year, we gathered the sweetest and most lovable fatherhood quotes from our fave celeb dads! Get your tissues ready 'cause this is a *feelsy* one.

1. Dingdong Dantes, Zia and Sixto's dad


Dingdong Dantes loves posting about his two kids, Zia and Sixto, on Instagram and frequently writes tributes to them on the app:


For Zia: "As a father, there is no guarantee of until when I could hold her still like this—as if everything ahead depends solely on my shoulders. It is such a noble feeling.
The past two years with her have been the best years of my life, and I can't wait to see how she'll blossom into that fine woman she's meant to become. For now, we, her parents, are happily preparing her for that jungle out there—it will only be a matter of time till she jumps in."

For Sixto: "I was going through old photos, when I came across this picture that I had taken around the same time last year (bago kita tuluyang kinalbo). I couldn't believe how time flies so fast that in a couple of days, you'll be turning two.

"So many things had happened, so many realizations, and so many challenges such as this pandemic that we have to fight as a nation.

"It may not be an ideal world to live in, but we, your parents, will do our best to inculcate in you and your Ate Z the renewed (and strengthen) version of values and principles of humanity."

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2. Nico Bolzico, Thylane's dad


In March, Nico Bolzico revealed that his daughter Thylane became his number one priority ever since she came into his life:

"For me, I always prioritize health and fitness. So I make sure I work out…Not only because of the way [it makes me] feel, but because the way I feel is how everyone around me will feel, especially Thylane. Today, Thylane is my number one priority. That's why when I work out and I wanna feel healthy, it's for her. Because I wanna feel healthy as long as possible, in order to be able to play with her, be there for her, and to support her in life in general…


"I realized that spending time with Thylane is what I really want to do. Everything I do—in terms of career, fitness, health—it's about her. Of course, I still think for myself, but I always think like, 'How [will this] allow me to spend more quality time with her?'"

3. Erwan Heussaff, Dahlia's dad


Erwan Heussaff admitted it took longer for him to adjust to parenting and credited how Anne Curtis was just amazing at it from the get-go:

"This is one thing Nico [Bolzico] and I were talking about. We were saying, for dads, it's like a process to understand what's happening. For moms, it's immediate. Like, that connection is forged from Day One. Whereas for dads, it takes a couple of days. You're kind of looking at your child like, 'Huh? How did this third person just come out all of the sudden?' Like I still look at her from time to time and I look at Anne, I'm still like, 'I can't believe that came out of you.' Because you know, as Dahlia grows, it's mind-boggling when you think about it. And I think that's why people call it 'the miracle of life' because it is. It's insane when you think about it...I guess for women, it's just automatic. Just how motherly the instinct is incredible."


4. Drew Arellano, Primo, Leon, and Alana's dad


In a vlog, Drew Arellano revealed he highly believes that he should instill the value of being a good person to his kids at a young age:

"Most of the time, it's better to be good than to be right…You learn academics—mathematics, science, whatever—but for me, the values that you learn in this household is far more important than biology or calculus....I never spank my kids. Never did...It's just not in my personality."


5. Ryan Agoncillo, Yohan, Lucho, and Luna's dad


In 2016, the then-new dad of three, Ryan Agoncillo, said that he and Judy Ann Santos learned about the ~ropes~ on parenting along the way:

"Iba na yung experience talaga kasi when Yohan was growing up, we were such a young couple and siya yung unang napagpractisan. So by the time Lucho came around it was a different experience and now again with Luna iba na naman. It also helps that we're a lot older, a lot more mature. We don't get easily surprised as when Yohan was growing up. It also helps that Lucho and Yohan are ready to be ate and kuya so we can concentrate on raising our bunso very well."


6. Markus Paterson, Jude's dad


When his son Jude was born in October 2020, Markus Paterson gushed about meeting him for the first time:

"Ang hirap i-explain pero the moment na I saw him, parang a whole wave just kind of took over my body, na lahat ng priorities ko noong time na 'yon nawala. It went out the window, like everything is now for him. Everything forever will always be for this little man that I'm holding in my arms. Hindi ako naiyak, hindi ako natawa, parang nakatulala lang ako, nakatitig sa kanya for hours. Until now, his smiles are the most beautiful thing in the world. Lahat ng hirap, lahat ng early morning wake up, sobrang worth it 'pag nakikita ko yung mukha niya."


7. JC Santos, River's dad


JC Santos credited his daughter River for changing how he approaches acting:

"When my daughter came into my life, my interpretation of love got deeper. I've become more vulnerable in front of the camera. I also became more accepting of people, more than being judgmental. I also became more cautious about how to relate to them, since I don't know what they are feeling or what they're going through at that moment. I don't want to be caught saying the wrong things."


8. Vin Abrenica, Avianna's dad


Vin Abrenica was challenged in the first few weeks of being a new dad, but said it was all very rewarding:

"Eto puyat, no sleep! I'm quite used to it dahil ako nagpapalit sa younger siblings ko before. First two to three days, naduduling na ako but now kasi kahit nakakapagod, it's very rewarding. Every second sinusulit kosobrang sarap lang every moment of my life...Mas inspired talaga ako ngayon. I realized that I'm not living my life for myself anymore. At lalo kong minahal ang parents ko kasi hindi pala biro maging magulang."


9. Aljur Abrenica, Alas and Axl's dad


Aljur Abrenica revealed that he and Kylie Padilla aren't afraid of trying out new ways of parenting their two sons:

"Ang dynamic namin ni Kylie malawak kasi it's a trial, lagi kaming nagta-try ng mga bagong [ways of] parentingWe look back. Tinitignan namin kung paano kami lumaki, pano yung parents namin. And, 'pag nagka-anak ka na, ang nakakagulat, na-tap natin yung mga ugali ng mga parents natin…We take what's good sa mga parents natin. And then what's not good, you make it better. And never kaming tumigil sa pag experiment kung paano mas mapapalaki yung mga bata ng pinakamaayos na kaalaman."


10. Billy Crawford, Amari's dad


For Billy Crawford, all the sacrifices he's made for his job doesn't matter, 'cause in the end, all he does in for his son Amari:

"It's worth all the blood, sweat, and tears you put in your job, sobrang worth it at the end of the day 'pag nakita mong kumakain ang anak mo, umiiyak, healthy, and alam mo 'yon ang sarap nung pakiramdam, tanggal yung pagod."



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