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14 Celebrities With Fake Instagram Accounts You Didn't Know About

We see you.
PHOTO: (LEFT OT RIGHT) Instagram/gisposable, Instagram/cupofjoe

If your main account is for gym selfies, buddha bowls, and makeup shelfies, your finsta account is for the all snaps that don't quite ~align~ with your online persona. Short for "fake Instagram," the finsta is a place for late-night food hauls and that picture you took of the moon that predictably failed to do it justice. With celebrities' posts being hyper-scrutinized and commented on by millions, it's no wonder that many choose to have a finsta as well as their main Instagram account.

Starting with those that have been confirmed, here are all the celebrities with fake Instagram accounts.

  1. Confirmed: Gigi Hadid

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    Username: @Gisposable

    Famous followers: Phoebe Dynevor, Stella Maxwell

    Clues: Not strictly a finsta as it’s quite obviously Gigi’s account but it definitely deserves a mention anyway.

    Dedicated to disposable film, Gigi’s photography account gives BTS access to Paris and Milan Fashion Week, the Met Ball, and, erm, an after-party at Donatella Versace’s?

    Kendall Jenner, Reese Witherspoon, and, of course, Gigi’s partner, Zayn Malik all make an appearance on Gigi’s exclusive grid.

  2. Confirmed: Joe Jonas

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    Username: @cupofjoe

    Famous followers: Sophie Turner, Nick Jonas

    Clues: Confirmed as Joe Jonas' second account.

    Includes previously unseen pics of Joe's wife, Sophie Turner, her baby bump from when she was pregnant with their daughter Willa, and a candid snap of Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Jonas.

    We love the art-house aesthetic too.

  3. Confirmed: Lizzo

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    Username: @sashabefluting

    Famous followers: Lauren Laverne

    Clues: Confirmed as Lizzo's account dedicated to her flute.

    From what we can gather, Sasha is the name of Lizzo's famous flute. Judging from its Instagram posts, it gets very cranky when Lizzo doesn't play it for a while.

    The latest post reads, "Gettin sperimental on tha track yall ! Lizzo had me LOCKED UP for months and I said bih if u don’t put me on the album ima shove my bfoot so far up yo a** you’ll never twerk again w out hearin flight of the bumblebee tumble out ya booty cheeks."

  4. Confirmed: Cole Sprouse

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    Username: @camera_duels

    Famous followers: Amy Schumer, Katherine Ryan

    Clues: Confirmed as Cole Sprouse's account dedicated to papping fans before they can (not so subtly) pap him.

    As Cole describes in his Insta bio, "This Instagram is dedicated to the people out there who secretly take photos of me, and how I take photos of them first. May the fastest camera win."

    Put it this way, you'll never take a snap of a celeb on the tube again. 

  5. Confirmed: Lorde

    Lorde's secret, fake Instagram account
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    Username: @onionringsworldwide (now deleted)

    Famous followers: Lorde, reportedly some of Lorde’s friends

    Clues: Confirmed as Lorde's onion ring stan account.

    What started as a joke while Lorde was on tour (and presumably eating a lot of onion rings?) soon escalated into one of social media’s greatest sleuthing scandals.

    Despite its relatively modest following Lorde’s finsta served to describe Burger King’s onion rings as having, “a mulched onion filling with a distinct bitterness. 1/5.”

    However, a News Hub journalist soon spotted that the restaurants reviewed by this mysterious onion ring connoisseur correlated with the locations of Lorde’s most recent tour dates.

    Lorde fessed up on The Jimmy Fallon Show in 2017, admitting, "I sort of naively didn't realize it would be like 'a thing...' I feel like it reads like the kind of thing that a pop star would do to, like, look relatable, which I wasn't doing. It was like a funny thing with my friends on the tour, and I was like, 'this is a good pastime"

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  6. Confirmed: Sophie Turner

    Username: @sophiessausagereviews

    Famous followers: Nick Jonas

    Clues: Confirmed as Sophie Turner's dedicated account for reviewing sausages.

    Reviews include, "Soft on the inside, crispy in parts on the outside, surprisingly and impressively, the skin came away with the body of the sausage rather separating and, like most Cumberland’s, getting stuck in your teeth."

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    Someone give this woman a food column.

  7. Suspected: Ben Affleck

    Ben Affleck secret, fake Instagram account

    Username: @positiveattitudehunting

    Famous followers: Ana de Armas (Ben's ex-girlfriend) Jennifer Garner (Ben's ex-wife)

    Clues: We'll start with the obvious. The account is under the name, "Ben."

    The account's bio reads, "just a dad who sometimes makes movies," and Ben is also a dad who makes movies.

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    The picture on the account looks very much like Ben and his ex-girlfriend Ana de Armas.

    The account name, @positiveattitudehunting, is a play on the film Good Will Hunting, which is one of Ben's most famous films. The account is still active but private.

  8. Suspected: Bella Thorne

    Username: @avree1997

    Famous followers: We haven't spotted any... yet.

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    Clues: Bella Thorne's real name is Annabella Avery Thorne. The name of the account is "Avree", which sounds like Avery, right?

    Bella was born in 1997, which explains the last part of the account username.

    There are numerous selfies on the account, which appear to be of Bella. Could it be a fan account, or is it really secretly her? 

  9. Suspected: Cara Delevingne

    Cara Delevingne secret, fake Instagram account
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    Username: @buttholediamante

    Famous followers: Gigi Hadid, Rita Ora, Georgia May Jagger

    Clues: Aside from the fact that "butt hole diamante" seems exactly the sort of thing Cara would call her secret Insta account, here's what we've got so far:

    The accounts bio reads, "I’ll tell you what i want what i really really want! So tell me what you want, what you really really want! I really really want a zigga zig ahhhhh," which is the lyrics to Wannabe by Spice Girls, obvs.

    Cara is an out-and-out Spice Girls fan, previously admitting, "when I was a kid, I always wanted to be other people. I went through different stages: I was a few Spice Girls for a while - first Baby (Emma), then Sporty (Mel), and then Ginger (Geri)."

    The account name is "Caz Del Viz", and we have no doubt more models than the above follow it. Enough said, really.

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  10. Suspected: Kristen Stewart

    Kristen Stewart secret, fake Instagram account

    Username: @suck_upon

    Famous followers: Rita Ora, Stella Maxwell (Kristen's ex-girlfriend), Dylan Meyer (Kristen's ex-girlfriend)

    Clues: Aside from the fact that two of Kristen's ex-girlfriends follow this account, we aren't overwhelmed with clues for this one.

    The account's profile picture of a rubber duck wearing a hat and scarf really doesn't help. However, Kristen has previously admitted to having a secret Instagram, telling USA Today, "I have a private Instagram so I can keep in touch with my friends because I'm always away." 

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  11. Suspected: Harry Styles

    Harry Styles secret, fake Instagram account

    Username: @colazione8

    Famous followers: Not a single follower in sight. Very suspect.

    Clues: Apparently this account used to have some famous followers, including Alessandro Michele (creative director of Gucci and one of Harry's friends), Olivia Wilde (who Harry was once spotted holding hands with), and Harry's sister, Gemma Styles.

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    Other than that, we haven't got a lot to go on. Except that the account bio reads, "Colazione, Pranzo, Cena," which means "breakfast, lunch, dinner" in Italian. Maybe Harry just really likes Italian food?

  12. Suspected: Lily James

    Lily James secret, fake Instagram account

    Username: @liliminilie

    Famous followers: Richard Madden (her Cinderella co-star), Ansel Elgort (her Baby Driver co-star), and Josh Dylan (her Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again! co-star).

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    Clues: So the account name is "liliminilie", which sounds like a cute nickname for Lily.

    The account's profile picture appears to be a picture of Lily in sunglasses.

  13. Suspected: Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift secret, fake Instagram account

    Username: @cringemaster3000

    Famous followers: Jack Antonoff, lead singer of Bleachers and long-time Taylor Swift collaborator. He's co-written and co-produced much of her work, including albums "Folklore" and "Evermore".

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    Clues: Aside from the famous followers, the account's profile picture appears to be a photo of Taylor. We're still awaiting evidence for this one.

  14. Suspected: Drake

    Drake secret, fake Instagram account

    Username: @quilteddiamonds

    Famous followers: This account has literally one follower and it's @champagnepapi, a.k.a. Drake. Real smooth.

    Clues: With no account bio OR profile pic, we're pretty stumped for clues on this one. But why would Drake be its only follower? Surely that's too much of a coincidence? The mystery continues...

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