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Celebs And Cosmo Chicks Give Back To Nature In Boracay

See the personalities who paid tribute to Mother Earth, and check out how two lucky girls got to experience Boracay, nature-loving Cosmo-gal style.

These days, going green is in! From eco bags and organic materials to mineral makeup and vegan diets, Cosmo girls are taking steps to adopt healthier lifestyles, and this includes choosing products that help protect the environment or tap its natural beauty and wellness benefits.

In order to give back to the environment by raising public awareness for environmental protection, Cream Silk heralded empowered women who contribute to the saving, preserving, and restoring of Mother Nature. As part of the campaign, Cream Silk gave two lucky ladies, Zab Trinidad and Anri Iga, a chance to go on a nature trip in summer paradise Boracay, where they also enjoyed tourist activities, basked in relaxing wellness treatments, and of course, soaked up the sizzling party scene!

Sinosikat vocalist Kat Agarrado, football phenoms Misagh Bahadoran and Carlie de Murga of the Philippine Azkals, and model and host Karen Pamintuan also lent their support when the hair care brand held The Cream Silk Empowered Women of Nature Party in Boracay.

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Launch the gallery to see the stars who showed up, and check out scenes from Cream Silk's earth-friendly crusade!

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