Celebs Reveal Their Alternate Careers If They Weren't Artistas

Can you imagine Anne Curtis as a teacher?
PHOTO: (ANNE) Instagram/robbiepinera, (HEART) Instagram/abtkurniawan

Most of us can only dream of becoming an actress. It takes a special set of skills, combined with implausible luck and perhaps great timing, to succeed in this career path. But haven’t you ever wondered what profession your favorite celebrities would’ve chosen if they didn’t sign up for showbiz?

“I've always wanted to be a pre-school teacher. Coming from a big family with eight children, I've always had a soft spot for kids, which is why opening my own pre-school someday has been a dream of mine since I was little.” – Maxene Magalona

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“If not a vet, I would still be an artist—working for Disney!” – Heart Evangelista

“A teacher! Because I love children and I love learning and teaching. I used to be a pre-school teacher.” – Isabelle Daza

“I've always wanted to be a news anchor! I admire people who [live by] the truth, and I want to do that—to inform people so they can live life more confidently and freely, knowing that they hold a certain amount of knowledge.” – Bela Padilla

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“Lawyer or pre-school teacher. Lawyer [because I want to take] after my father, and pre-school teacher because I have a heart for children and would love to be part of the early learning stages of their lives.” – Anne Curtis

“Pilot! I want conquer my fear of heights. I love traveling, too, and the clouds.” – Sofia Andres

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“It's my dream to be a flight attendant! You'll have the chance to meet and help different kinds of people while traveling and exploring at the same time.” – Miles Ocampo

“I think I'd still be working in the artistic field. I want to produce music and sing. If not, a lawyer. I always try to see both sides of an issue with equanimity and to always strive for justice.” – Sarah Lahbati

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