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Viva Denies Tourism Promotions Board Sponsorship Of JaDine Concert Abroad

Part of Cesar Montano's '24 wrongful acts' he allegedly committed as COO of the TPB is a P12-million sponsorship of the JaDine concert abroad.
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Most of us know Cesar Montano as an actor, but in case you missed it, he now also serves as the chief operating officer of the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) which is part of the Department of Tourism (DOT).

Montano has figured in many showbiz controversies in the past and now he's in the hot seat once more, in connection with his TPB post.

TPB employees have documented and formalized their complaints against Montano via a letter submitted to the Presidential Action Center received March 1, 2017. They listed 24 "wrongful acts" that were allegedly committed by Montano.

Among the irregulaties listed, these three stand out:

1. An P11.2-million contract with Carat Philippines where Montano performed as a guest singer with his nieces

2. The February 25 rally in Luneta where he approved sponsorship of P16.5 million with Carat Philippines. Montano performed during this event as well

3. P12-million sponsorship of the JaDine United States and United Arab Emirates Concert Tour 2017 by Viva Communications

Continue reading below ↓ tried get in touch with Montano to get his statement on the complaints against him. However, he had not been able to respond to text messages or calls up until the time of the article's publication (March 13).

For their part, Viva Communications has already clarified that they have not gotten any form of sponsorship support from TPB for a concert featuring James Reid and Nadine Lustre.

In a March 13 statement, Viva Communications vice president for sales and production Jay Montelibano, pointed out: "At best, all we have is a proposal. Until all approvals are obtained from the proper channels, any supposed sponsorship of the James Reid and Nadine Lustre (JaDine) tour is not binding on VIVA."

Montelibano went on to explain, "Further, VIVA has not received any consideration from Tourism Promotions Board for the supposed sponsorship. Thus, no Tourism Promotions Board sponsorship of the JaDine tour will proceed."

In any case, the TPB employees' complaint also alleges that  Montano hired his own staff to perform functions that were already being done by TPB employees. Moreover, Montano also hired his relatives including his brother Rommel, Cliffer Mendoza (brother of Rommel's wife), as well as Priza Cinco (identified only as his relative). The employees noted that this is a violation of Civil Service Commission ruling on nepotism.

The salaries of Montano's new hires supposedly range from over P14,000 to P48,000 a month.

Furthermore, an excerpt of the complaint reads: "It can be observed that during meetings with the TPB Management Committee and Board Meetings his level of retention and absorption is very low. He has difficulty understanding presentations, flow charts, and figures. Instead he wants visuals. He would leave the meetings even if not yet adjourned." —with a report from Arniel Serato,

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