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A Guide To Cha Eun Woo's K-Drama Leading Ladies

PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Rookie Historian/Netflix, Instagram/eunwo.o_c, My ID is Gangnam Beauty/JTBC

K-drama actor and K-pop idol Cha Eun Woo has been making all of us *fall in love* with his onscreen characters since 2016! I mean, who can resist those sweet, puppy dog eyes of his? He has played the role of a college student, a member of the royal family, and a cardboard standee WHO COMES TO LIFE, and one thing's for certain: His leading ladies are some of the prettiest and most-talented actresses out there! Here's a guide to the ~lucky~ girls who got to star alongside Eun Woo over the years: 

Joo Da Young in My Romantic Some Recipe (2016)

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What's her role in the drama? In this mini-series, Joo Da Young plays a *super single* college student who's struggling with unrequited love. Things take a turn for the better when she meets a K-pop idol (Cha Eun Woo)—who was previously a cardboard standee she brought home—and he helps her find true love! 

What's she up to now? She has a supporting role in the 2020 mystery K-drama Graceful Friends, which revolves around couples in their 40s who get involved in a murder. She plays the younger version of actress Nam Jung Hae

Im Soo Hyang in My ID Is Gangnam Beauty (2018) 

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What's her role in the drama? Soo Hyang plays Mi Rae, a student who undergoes major plastic surgery before starting college. Things are not as smooth-sailing as she expected, because Mi Rae struggles with judgment from her peers at university and meets someone from her old school, heartthrob Do Kyung Seok (Eun Woo). 

What's she up to now? After starring in My ID Is Gangnam Beauty, Soo Hyang had another major role, this time a South Korean heiress, in the 2019 drama Graceful Family. She is currently starring in When I Was The Prettiest, which will hit Viu this month! It tells the story of a ceramic artist (Soo Hyang) who gets caught in a love triangle between two brothers. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE DRAMA?! 

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Shin Se Kyung in Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung (2019) 


What's her role in the drama? She plays 19th-century noblewoman Hae Ryung, who starts working as a palace historian instead of getting married like other girls! Spunky and outspoken, she strikes up a friendship with romance writer Prince Lee Rim (Eun Woo). Se Kyung and Eun Woo even won "Best 1 Minute Couple" at the 2019 MBC Drama Awards. 

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What's she up to now? Shin Se Kyung's next project is called Run On, where she'll be starring opposite Im Si Wan. According to Soompi, the rom-com will tell the story of "a popular track and field athlete named Ki Sun Kyum (Im Si Wan) who retires after a life-changing event. When he meets Shin Se Kyung's character Oh Mi Joo (Shin Se Kyung), he opens his eyes to a new world he has never known as a runner." She's also working on a documentary special called We Believe: Hidden Feelings, which focuses on COVID-19 recovery and rehabilitation in Korea. 

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Moon Ga Young in True Beauty (2020)  

What's her role in the drama? Webtoon-based drama True Beauty tells the story of a girl named Im Joo Kyung who never lets anyone see her without makeup! In June, Soompi reported that Moon Ga Young was *in talks* to play the lead. Eun Woo will play the role of Lee Su Ho, the only guy who knows what Joo Kyung looks like without cosmetics. Twitter fans have even spotted the two of them filming for the drama already! No release date has been announced just yet. 

Before getting cast in True Beauty, Moon Ga Young starred in the dramas Find Me in Your Memory (2020) and The Great Seducer (2018). She also played many supporting roles as a child actress. 

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Bonus: Park Gyu Young 

Yup, Eun Woo and the It's Okay To Not Be Okay actress starred in the music video for "You're The Reason" by Urban Zakapa! In the MV, we see them as officemates getting all *romantic* after work. Rising actress Park Gyu Young, who turned 27 this year, graduated from Yonsei University and only started her acting career in 2016. She's also set to star in the Netflix adaptation of the popular webtoon Sweet Home

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