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9 Charlie Dizon Movies And TV Series To Stream *Right Now*

Did you know she was in 'Seven Sundays?'
Charlie Dizon Movies And TV Series

Talented 24-year-old Charlie Dizon won Best Actress at the 2020 Metro Manila Film Festival and we're sure you want to know more about her! Here's a list of Charlie's notable (and upcoming) movie and TV projectsand where you can watch them:  

1. Seven Sundays (2017) 

Where to watch it: Netflix, iWantTFC  

The plot: "A dying father asks his busy and grown children to spend their Sundays with him, forcing his family to confront their issues before it's too late." (Via Netflix) In an interview, Charlie talked about filming her first scene with Enrique Gil for the film, saying: "Sobrang kabang-kaba po ako noon, so naririnig po sa lapel yung heartbeat ko." 

2. Bagani (2018) 

Where to watch it: iWantTFC 

The plot: "The vast world of Sansinukob is a magical realm comprised of five different regions: The Desert, the Plains, the Forests, the Seaside, and the Trade Zone. And while these regions coexist, peace doesn't last between them. All that changes when five people, each hailing from one of the five regions, are united to fulfill a legendary mission." For her first-ever teleserye, Charlie played a pirate captain named Marikit! 


3. Parasite Island (2019) 

Where to watch it: iWantTFC 

The plot: "Can love overpower selfishness, resentment, and entitlement to save a family that has been strained by a supernatural tragedy brought on by leeches that have a taste for human flesh?" Charlie's role is named Princess, whom she describes as "a matapobre kontrabida." 

4. Pandanggo Sa Hukay (2019) 

Where to watch it: iWantTFC 

The plot: "A small-town midwife's preparation for a job interview is disrupted by an unfortunate turn of events." Charlie plays a character named "Tisay."

5. A Soldier's Heart (2020) 

Where to watch it: iWantTFC 

The plot: This military drama focused on "a group of soldiers of the Philippine Army and their actions during combat." Charlie played the role of Isabel Gezali, "a Muslim who fell in love with a Christian soldier." 

6. Four Sisters Before The Wedding (2020) 

Where to watch it: iWantTFC 

The plot: "10 years before Four Sisters And A Wedding, Teddie (Charlie Dizon), Bobbie (Alexa Ilacad), and Alex (Gillian Vicencio) are in college, while Gabbie (Belle Mariano) is graduating from high school. We get a glimpse of their family life and, this time, the problem they need to solve is an issue between their parents and their suspicion that their dad has a mistress."

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7. Fan Girl (2020) 

Where to watch it: Upstream, Netflix (starting June 17) 

The plot: "An obsessed teenage fan finds herself inside a mansion with her celebrity idol she thought she knew and learns exactly why they say never meet your heroes." Charlie plays high school student Jane, while Paulo Avelino portrays a *fictional* version of himself. 

8. Maalaala Mo Kaya (2021) 

Where to watch it: iWantTFC, A2Z Channel 11

The plot: Charlie will once again be paired with Jameson Blake for a special Valentine's MMK episode! In the trailer, Charlie's character says: "Puro ka na lang gimik, pero yung future natin kailangan nating paghandaan." There's also a dramatic confrontation scene where she asks Jameson's character if he loves her and he retorts: "Hindi ko ba inayos yung sarili ko para mag-fit sa checklist mo?" Intense! 


9. Viral (2021) 

Where to watch it: iWantTFC, A2Z Channel 11

The plot: Charlie will be starring alongside Dimples Romana and Jake Cuenca for Viral, and this will be her first lead role in a teleserye! Not much is known about the show yet, but we're sure Charlie's going to be amazing in it. 


Bonus: Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast 

If you want more Charlie *content*, check out her guest episodes—Paulo's there too—in Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast, where they give *love advice* to letter senders with Antoinette Jadaone and Juan Miguel Severo


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