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Check Out How These Celebs Help Keep Kids In School

They gave their support during Unilever's Shop2GiveHope Sale!

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Shoutout to those who participated in Unilever's Shop2GiveHope sale on July 1! While the one-day sale allowed us to score major discounts on our go-to beauty brands, part of its proceeds were donated to UNICEF’s educational programs for children whose schooling was affected by the crisis. 

The happy news: The sale was a ~huge~ success, thanks in part to the celebs who cheered on the campaign. Check them out for a dose of much-needed GV!

Alex Gonzaga and Julie San Jose

While we enjoyed the musical performances in Alex’s and Julie’s music-club-themed FB live, we’re fans of how they shone the spotlight on the needs of Filipino children. Alex shares: "Important talaga ang education kahit na sometimes you just want to get out of school. But when you think about it, ang dami talagang matututunan. School for me talaga is a preparation for the children para sa real life."

Julie adds that it's hard for kids to not get distracted by the ongoing crisis while trying to study online. "I recognize that it's a big adjustment and that learning from home might not be the easiest thing," she points out. "One thing you can do is to set your goals. Write them down and set your mind to achieving those goals. Setting your goals will help you remind yourself to get back in the zone."  

Heart Evangelista and Mimiyuuuh

Don't you just love it every time these two get together? Makeup and mukbang buddies Heart and Mimiyuuuh shared the screen once again to show support for a timely cause.

While trading sketches during their FB Live session, Heart discussed how campaigns like Shop2GiveHope give people the opportunity to turn shopping into something more than just a splurge. "Purchasing items I love makes me happy, but knowing na may mapupuntahan yung gagawin natin today, na makakatulong tayo sa maraming bata to experience a better life and better education feels much better." Mimi agrees: "Napaka-powerful talaga ng education. It can transform lives talaga."

Ylona Garcia and Luis Manzano

Luis kicked off their live sesh with an insightful interview of UNICEF Chief of Education Isy Faingold. A self-admitted class clown, Luis went on to talk about how his experiences in school inspired him to pursue a showbiz career. "When I was in fourth year high school, I won Best Actor in a comedy role. We had to do a scene from an old movie called Major Pain. So I guess it opened my mind when it comes to, you know, entertaining people.”

Drawing from her own experience, Ylona emphasized, "I believe that education is a necessity. I wouldn't be the person I am today if it weren't for my years in school, in all honesty."

Katz Salao, Vern and Verniece Enciso

Content creators Katz, Vern, and Verniece went live to share their best beauty tips with Shop2GiveHope shoppers. During the convo, Vern expressed how she felt when she learned that physical classes were suspended this year. "I was really heartbroken at first. A lot of Filipino children don't have the means and even the gadgets to attend classes in the next term. It really, really breaks my heart, and although I know that there are ways to continue learning online, not everyone has the means. That's why I think it's such a good idea that we’re doing this for a good cause.”

Verniece adds: “I feel really privileged that I was able to finish school. I think I may have taken it for granted while I was studying, but I'm sure most of us appreciate how finishing school really defines our future. It really opens doors and it enables us to pursue the careers that we want, and of course, to be more self-dependent.”

Jaz Reyes, Kobe Paras, and AC Bonifacio

Remember those school orientations where we had to introduce ourselves to the entire class? Jaz, Kobe, and AC put their own twist into the activity in their session and talked about their unforgettable school memories. 

"You can be whoever you want to be as long as you are passionate about it, and you want to give all your effort into it, and you love it," AC shares. "When I was in school, I was doing everything while I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I figured out I love to dance and I love to perform. And so that's when I gave it all my passion and all my hard work, and it's paid off."

On the other hand, Kobe (whose fave subject in school we learned was Psychology, in case you’re wondering) highlighted why it’s important to support campaigns like Shop2GiveHope, especially during these trying times: "I do believe that if children are our future, we must be able to give them the education they deserve."

And that's not all! Even celebs like Yassi Pressman and influencers like Janeena Chan and Farrah Espina got behind the cause and showed their support by promoting Shop2GiveHope through IG.

Missed your chance to help out? Unilever Philippines has more campaigns and initiatives you can take part in to support your favorite cause. Just follow Unilever Philippines on Facebook to get the latest updates.

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