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Cherie Gil Shuts Down A Reporter Who Asked About Andi Eigenmann's Issues

"You ask Andi. It's her story to tell."

Actress Cherie Gil recently got ticked off when a reporter dared to ask her about the controversy involving her niece Andi Eigenmann.

The revelation about the paternity of Andi's five-year-old daughter Ellie continues to be a hot topic in showbiz.

However, one reporter inadvertently rubbed Cherie the wrong way when he insisted on asking her about it.

That encounter was caught on video by

At the 0:43 mark, a reporter asks, "Ma'am, aware ka ba sa...'yung kay Andi (Ma'am, are you aware about...the issue concerning Andi)?"

At first, Cherie tries to brush off the question, saying, "Andi Eigenmann? I'm always aware of my Andi. I'm aware of all of them."

However, the reporter persisted with his question: "Na si Jake [Ejercito] talaga 'yung ama ni Ellie (That Jake is the real father of Ellie)?"

"I am not in the position to be asked this," Cherie fired. "And I think it's quite insulting that you ask me this. You ask Andi. It's her story to tell."

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With that, she walked away.

Surprisingly, the reporter did not turn to stone; he still managed to say "Thank you."

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