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Cherry Pie Picache And Edu Manzano 'Surprised' By The Public's Support For The #PieDu Love Team

So ~kilig~ because of these two!!!
cherry pie picache and edu manzano surprised by public's support of piedu

Cherry Pie Picache and Edu Manzano (AKA PieDu) did their first vlog together where they talked about some of their fans' burning questions in a light, fun, and ~kilig~ Q&A session uploaded on Cherry Pie's vlog on February 5.

The two veteran actors, who took everyone by surprise when they went public with their relationship late last year, talked about their favorite moments together and gave very useful advice when it comes to relationships.

One of the first questions they picked was, "Why take the risk of falling in love or being in a relationship?" Edu answered, "Alam niyo, totoo, napakaikli ng buhay. Enjoy life. And actually, it's not about falling in love. It’s being in a relationship. 'Yon ang kagandahan, yung too hard getting into a relationship. The fact that you are in a relationship comes with responsibilities." 

Cherry Pie added, "Take risks if you want change. Seize the moment. Don't worry too much about the future and enjoy mo lang yung moment and nourish the moment and the relationship." She added that they never talk about their past because what's important is the present. 


Edu chimed in, "Sige lang, just go with the motion. Matanda na ako, wala na akong maasahan. Kami, hindi. We're living, we're living the life and 'yon yung dapat natin gawin lagi."

cherry pie picache and edu manzano surprised by public's support of piedu

The two actors also love traveling. A week after news of their relationship came out, they posted some of their travel photos in Florida, and recently, they even enjoyed a romantic trip to Palawan. A fan asked the couple where their favorite place to travel was, and Edu joked, "Standard kahit saan pa 'yon, basta kasama kita." "That's one thing we told one another. We'd really like to travel a lot and see places," Cherry Pie added.

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The couple also said they were "surprised" to receive such warm reception from the public, especially younger fans. Cherry Pie said, "We're very thankful and na-touch kami. Noong 'di pa namin inaamin, I was kinda scared kasi 'di namin magiging alam yung reaction kasi baka may mag-bash, baka may negative comment. But you know, parang it's really a surprise for us na sobrang positive and everybody is wishing us well, everybody is wishing us love."

Edu added, "Ako iniisip ko naman kasi, malaking bagay yung magkaibigan muna kami. Ang nakikita niyo is katotohanan."

Watch the full vlog below: 

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