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Chesca And Doug Kramer Give Away Kids' Medicines Amid The COVID-19 Surge

'We're giving the rest for your children.'
PHOTO: Instagram/chekakramer

Following a rapid increase in COVID-19 cases among families, Chesca and Doug Kramer are giving away their supply of children's medicines.

"We know there's been a shortage," Doug said in an IG post, where he and Chesca show a box full of the fever medicine. "We've seen all the posts on Twitter."

Doug went on to explain that they've set aside a sufficient supply for their kids, twelve-year-old Kendra, nine-year-old Scarlett, and eight-year-old Gavin.


"We have our stock here, our personal stock here because we have three children and we have our household, our families that we send these medicines to."

"We left 10 for us and the kids and that's enough. We're willing to give the rest here."

More than 26,000 new COVID-19 cases were reported on January 8 alone. Authorities are currently studying the possibility of raising Metro Manila's alert level to 4 amid the surge. Under Alert Level 4, businesses must operate at 10 percent capacity and only essential movement is allowed. 

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