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Chesca Garcia Gets Emotional About Kendra Growing Up: 'I simply am not ready'

'Time has no mercy... I blinked and suddenly she is all grown.'
Chesca Garcia gets emotional over Kendra Kramer being all grown up
PHOTO: Instagram/chekakramer

Kendra Kramer is no longer a child, and her mom, Chesca Garcia-Kramer, couldn't help but get emotional recently.

In an IG post, Chesca poured out her feelings, what with Kendra in her last two weeks of middle school. Kendra turns 14 years old in June 2023.

"Time has no mercy," Chesca wrote, featuring photos of Kendra looking beautiful in a blue dress. "I blinked and suddenly she is all grown. This once chubby baby is now becoming her own lady."

Chesca added that she cried *for days* and counted the hours when Kendra left for her very first school outdoor trip.

"There is no getting used to this," Chesca shared. "I simply am not ready."

"Now that you're bidding your last two weeks of middle school goodbye for high school, I can't help but hold you a bit longer, hold you a bit tighter, and soak all the great things about having you as my daughter. You're surely growing up, but in Mommy's eyes, you will always be my baby."


In May 2023, Kendra made her very first investment: her first car. Wow! Because of her beauty, netizens have likened her to Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray. While netizens have been wondering if Kendra will join beauty pageants, she's clarified that she'd rather do modeling for now.


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