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Chesca Kramer Gets Her First Shot In Team Kramer’s IVF Journey

PHOTO: Instagram/chekakramer

Last month, we reported that Doug Kramer and his wife, model-actress Chesca Kramer, were taking steps to try for baby number four. The couple then started “a long, complicated process” in order for Chesca to get pregnant again.

After rigorous rounds of tests and waiting for the proper timing, Chesca finally got her first injection today. The first one was administered at the clinic. Chesca shares, “This is the first injection of 9-10 more! Most will be done by Doug at home!” 


This attempt at baby number four comes six years after their third child Gavin. It’ll be long stretch for Team Kramer, but the family is ready. “Based on the calendar, after the series of injections, harvesting will be done in the next few weeks and then April 2 or 3, the pregnancy test!” Chesca explained in her post. 

Doug and Chesca feel ultimately blessed to have this opportunity to grow their family, especially since Chesca already got a ligation after giving birth to Gavin. While many couples opt to fly to other countries for such procedures, our local doctors and facilities are equally as equipped to conduct them here. “So happy we can do this here in our country!” says Chesca. Being in home base guarantees that the couple gets all the extra TLC from their friends and loved ones here throughout their IVF experience. We’re surely keeping tabs on their unfolding journey and wishing the couple a smooth conception and healthy pregnancy.

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