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Chie Filomeno Explains Why She Deleted Her Comment On Julia Barretto's Controversial IG Post

'The very best you can do as a friend is comfort them.'
PHOTO: Instagram/chiefilomeno

On Tuesday night, August 6, Julia Barretto broke the internet with her controversial Instagram post where she accused Bea Alonzo of bullying her and turning her breakup with Gerald Anderson into a "national concern," among many other things.

Julia's comments section is filtered so that only select people can comment on her posts. One person who left a message on her controversial post was ABS-CBN star and Julia's friend Chie Filomeno. She originally wrote "We are indeed equipped for crazy. You are strong!! I love you," before people noticed that she deleted her comment.

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On Twitter, Chie wrote about wanting to comfort a "friend in pain" rather than picking sides in an issue. "Comforting someone is way different than 'nakikisasaw' or picking sides. Your friend is in pain. The very best you can do as a friend is comfort them."

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She also added, "And enlighten them." Though she never named who the friend was, people assumed it was Julia.

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Shen was then asked by a Twitter user why she deleted her comment on Julia's Instagram post. Directly addressing the tweet, Chie replied saying that she's received a lot of attacks over her message of support. "Kasi ang daming tao gustong umatake. I just wanted to comfort a friend. Pero parang sobrang sama kong tao dahil lang ginawa ko yun."

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Julia was dragged into the breakup issue involving her Between Maybes co-star, Gerald Anderson, and Bea Alonzo. Julia and Gerald both denied the cheating allegations, while Bea stressed that she and Gerald never had a formal breakup, and Gerald essentially ghosted her. Bea and Gerald would have celebrated their third anniversary as a couple this year.

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