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Chie Filomeno On Sliding Into A Celebrity's DMs: 'Shoot your shot, napansin niya ako!'

Chie Filomeno is one successful fangirl. From catching a hat worn by her fave K-pop idol (it happened at a BIGBANG concert, jsyk) to getting noticed by one of her F1 faves (Lewis Hamilton, in case you were curious), the actress has been lucky many times over when it comes to interacting with her celebrity crushes.

Chie got up close and personal when it came to her Cosmo Confessions episode (it's 11 minutes of her spilling the beans on everything, including her most embarrassing moment!). In this episode of Cosmo Challenge, we got the A Very Good Girl star to play a tough game of "Never Have I Ever." From fake social media accounts (yes, she does have a finsta!) to watching a TV series episode ahead despite promising to watch it with someone ("I'm sorry to my brother for watching Demon Slayer, but I'm willing to watch it again!"), watch her full hilarious video below:

Chie Filomeno On Finstas, Keeping Secrets, And Sliding Into A Celebrity's DMs | Cosmo Challenge

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