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9 Things You'll Love To Know About 'All Of Us Are Dead' Actress Cho Yi Hyun

Who Is Cho Yi Hyun In All Of Us Are Dead?

It’s no secret that South Korea has no shortage of talented actors of all ages. Apart from the OG actors we all know and love, newcomers have always been warmly welcomed by us avid K-drama fans. Representing the new generation of actors is fresh face actress Cho Yi Hyun who has had a pretty steady rise in popularity after appearing in a slew of memorable dramas like My Country, Hospital Playlist, and School 2021. Her latest project is Netflix’s zombie drama All Of Us Are Dead. Curious about this young and promising star?

Here are nine facts you need to know about Cho Yi Hyun:

  1. Cho Yi Hyun was born on December 8, 1999.
    Which makes her a 22-year-old Sagittarius! People with this star sign are optimistic, adventurous, and are known to march to the beat of their own drum. In an interview, Yi Hyun talked about not wanting to put too much pressure on herself to please others: "I'm not the type to live with high expectations. Rather than feeling upset because I don't live up to expectations, I want to double the joy when something good happens when I don't expect it."
    Cho Yi Hyun selfie
  2. She originally wanted to be a musical actress.
    A young Yi Hyun watched the musical Wicked and immediately fell in love with musical theater. With the approval of her super supportive parents, she enrolled in the musical department of the prestigious Hanlim Arts High School. It wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns though as the then aspiring musical actress felt she was lacking compared to her peers. She shared, "When I entered the school, I was terrified because I thought my skills were inferior to my classmates who had been preparing for a long time. I couldn’t dance, sing, or act in front of others. Among the people who took the first-semester practical test, I was last. After that, I practiced really hard and got second place in the next test."

  3. Cho Yi  Hyun’s agency is Artist Company.
    Did you know that Yi Hyun was a JYP Entertainment artist? In 2018, she signed with the label which houses K-pop artists like TWICE, DAY6, Stray Kids, and ITZY. A year later, she joined Artist Company, the management company co-founded by veteran actor Jung Woo Sung and Squid Game star Lee Jung Jae. It is home to other superstar actors like Yum Jung Ah, Park So Dam, and Go Ara, to name a few.

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    Yi Hyun got candid about wanting to follow in the footsteps of her labelmates, saying, "The seniors in the agency have been mentors in my life as an actor. They have been acting for a long time and there are many seniors who are active in various fields. I also think a lot about acting like the seniors and wanting to become an actor who walks a good path."

    Cho Yi Hyun's agency
  4. She gained international attention for her role in Hospital Playlist.

    The slice-of-life medical drama is arguably one of the hottest K-dramas in 2021 and it’s all thanks to the show’s ensemble cast! Aside from the sometimes *childish* 99-ers squad, twin interns Yun Bok and Hong Do, played by Yi Hyun and Bae Hyun Sung respectively, added an even more youthful vibe to the show.

    Life lessons from Hospital Playlist
  5. School 2021 marked her transition to lead roles.
    Yi Hyun landed her first-ever lead role in School 2021, the eighth installment of the popular School series. When asked about her experience acting as the main character, she said, "There were a lot of lines and scenes to film so it was difficult but it was an opportunity I was grateful for. Before, I had to turn a few script pages to find my lines but this time, I'm the main character. It gave me a lot of responsibility. It was an opportunity for me to grow a lot."

    She also had to learn woodworking to play the role of go-getter student and aspiring carpenter Jin Ji Won: "The director wanted me to do it myself so I took lessons after rehearsing and filming. I remember that it was very rewarding. I don’t have any talent but I thought that I wanted to make something with woodworking later."

    School 2021 - Official Trailer 3 | Korean Drama | Kim Yo Han, Cho Yi Hyun

  6. Cho Yi Hyun is a budding brand endorser.

    ICYDK, bagging CF (commercial films) deals in is considered a pretty big accomplishment for Korean celebrities. Despite being a newcomer, Yi Hyun has already filmed multiple commercials for Samsung and she’s also the face of the skincare brand Botanity.

    Cho Yi Hyun for Botanity
  7. She appeared in two music videos.
    K-pop and K-ballad fans might have spotted Yi Hyun in several music videos. Her usual role? A past lover! She broke 2PM’s Jang Wooyoung’s heart in the MV for the singer’s 2018 release "Quit." She was also featured alongside newlywed Choi Tae Joon in Jo Hyun Ah’s "After You."

    [MV] Jo Hyun Ah_ After You

  8. She’s on Instagram.
    Yi Hyun is the queen of cute poses so it’s no wonder her Insta @yihyun_1208 is filled with adorable snaps of her. Fun fact: She’s a proud dog owner too! She even has a story highlight dedicated to her fur baby.

    Cho Yi Hyun's age
    Cho Yi Hyun with her pet dog
  9. Her latest project is the Netflix original All Of Us Are Dead.
    At a radio show, Yi Hyun revealed what it was like filming on the set of a zombie drama: "I like zombies so much so it was fun and exciting while filming. There were a lot of choreographers who taught zombie actors how to use their bodies well. I was envious of that as I also wanted to act as a zombie."

    She will star alongside Squid Game’s Lee Yoo Mi and reunite with Sweet Revenge co-star Park Solomon. The show is now available on Netflix.

    All of Us Are Dead | Official Trailer | Netflix


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