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Chrissy Teigen Looks Like Selena Gomez's Identical Twin In This Throwback Photo

Are we being trolled?
PHOTO: (LEFT) Getty Images/DAVID CROTTY, (RIGHT) Instagram/chrussytiegen

Chrissy Teigen is the queen of #relatablecontent, so when she casually threw a TBT photo of her younger self up on Instagram, we were living for the nostalgia.

Captioning the snap, "jealous much," younger Chrissy was pictured in an outfit we'd definitely still wear today, complete with choker, Adidas three-stripe trainers, and Tommy Hilfiger vest top. Oh, so '90s.

But the thing that sent fans wild in the Instagram comments section was that throwback Chrissy Teigen looks very much like Selena Gomez's doppelgänger. Take a look at the cold, hard evidence:

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"You look so much like @selenagomez here," wrote one Instagram user.

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Another fan commented: "I glanced at this and was like 'why is Chrissy Teigen posting pictures of a young Selena Gomez?'"

"It took me 5 looks to realize this was Chrissy and not Selena Gomez," wrote another.

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The pair have yet to comment on their similarities, but they now join the long list of celebs who look like other celebs, like Ellen DeGeneres and Niall Horan. Lol.


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