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Christian Bautista Smolders In His August Man On Fire Shoot

The sweet, sensitive singer shows Cosmo his sexy side. Check out behind-the-scenes pics from the shoot!

He may have ranked just fourth place on the reality show Star In A Million in 2003, but our Man On Fire this August, Christian Bautista, is arguably one of the top crooners in the Philippine music industry today. He's even managed to make it in the Southeast Asian market, with a huge following in Indonesia, as well as Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia, following his sweet breakout hit, "The Way You Look At Me."

It's probably the last thing he ever expected to happen to him. Before he ventured into singing and showbiz, this talented, handsome young artist was a Landscape Architecture graduate from the University of the Philippines.

That's all in the past, though, because right now, he's on top of his game. Christian's making beautiful music and winning the hearts of women everywhere, Cosmo included!

He threw out sweet tunes at the drop of a hat at his Cosmo Man On Fire shoot, singing to us when we asked him if he had ever serenaded a girl. He made harana our editor-in-chief, Zo Aguila, after his video interview.

Stylist Sidney Yap dressed the usually conservative and clean cut Christian in rugged bad boy clothes and decked him out in leather. Photographer Heidi Pascual helped him channel his wild side. Hot!

Check out our behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot by clicking through to the Gallery below.

Click on the links to watch behind-the-scenes footage of his shoot and his exclusive interview.

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