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Who Is Nadine Lustre's Rumored New Boyfriend Christophe Bariou?

It looks like he already met Nadine's fam!
nadine lustre boyfriend christophe bariou

*November 2021 Update* 

It looks like Nadine Lustre has found new *love* and we couldn't be happier for her! Her new rumored boyfriend Christophe Bariou is not from showbiz, and we're sure all the ~internet sleuths~ out there are curious about him. 

Here's what we know about Christophe Bariou (so far): 

1. He is reportedly from Saint-Michel-sur-Orge in France.

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2. PEP reports that according to his Facebook bio, Christophe Bariou is the founder and managing director of Maison Bukana, a boutique resort in Sitio Lisob, Siargao Island. Based on her IG posts, Nadine has been staying in Siargao for a while now. 

Who Is Christopher Bariou, Nadine Lustre's New Rumored Boyfriend Facts And Trivia

3. He reportedly founded Be Siargao, a lifestyle and community magazine. 

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4. Unfortunately, Christophe doesn't have any public social media accounts. It looks like he has a private Insta though, and the account is followed by Nadine and Yassi Pressman

Who Is Christopher Bariou, Nadine Lustre's New Rumored Boyfriend? Facts And Trivia

5. Rumors about his relationship with Nadine started in August after they were photographed together by locals in Siargao. In October, Nadine and Christophe were reportedly spotted holding hands at a mall in Metro Manila together.

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6. In November 2021, Christophe was spotted bonding with Nadine's family in Siargao. "Getting fat 101," Nadine's dad Ulysses Lustre joked in his Facebook post, which featured his family and Christophe enjoying meals together. CUTIES! 

Despite their breakup in November 2019, former celeb couple Nadine and James Reid have stayed good friends and have continued working on new music together. 

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In June 2021, when asked to describe her relationship with James, Nadine said: "I is what it is. We have supported each other immensely...We are so close pa rin. But I guess it's best not to put a line on to it. Yeah, we're just super happy. We're supporting each other, we're pushing each other...I think wala nang better answer than that e. Obviously, he's contributing to my growth. And in some way, I am with his, as well. So that's the only thing that matters."

"I don't think anyone in that situation is really excited to see their ex with someone else, but you know, that's not my choice," James said in August, when asked whether he's ready to see Nadine with a new suitor. He added: "I'm not her husband, neither am I her father, so she can do whatever makes her the happiest." 


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