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We're Crushing Hard On This Ridiculously Hot 50-Year-Old Photographer

Tell me when will you be mine. Tell me ChuanDo, ChuanDo, ChuanDo.
PHOTO: Instagram/chuando_chuandoandfrey

With all the horrible things on the Internet these days—cyberbullying, revenge porn, Jaclyn Hill and Kim Kardashian's cringe-worthy makeup tutorial—we're thankful for every little bit of good that comes out of it:

Meet ChuanDo Tan, a Singaporean model-turned-photographer straight out of your dreams.  

He's one half of ChuanDo&Frey. And while their shots have been featured in Elle, L’Officiel, and Harper’s Bazaar, what we're really living for are ChuanDo's selfies—especially because he's rumored to be at least 50

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So what's the secret to him looking like he takes daily baths in the Fountain of Youth? In an interview, ChuanDo and Frey reveal, "We believe health is very important, and it opens us to all possibilities! Hence, we usually start our day by exercising before anything else, then after, we could be at the shoot, or having a meeting with a client etc." *applause*

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We love his serious side:

And his boyish charm:

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He looks good with glasses:

But even better without:

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And if you think he's smokin' hot all suited up:

This, ladies, is what lies beneath:

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Not a drill. We repeat: