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WATCH: The Official Netflix Trailer For 'Lovestruck In The City' Is Finally Here!


Did you miss seeing Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won on your small screens? We know you're excited about their upcoming drama Lovestruck In The City (also known as City Couple's Way Of Love)! The pairing was confirmed in September 2020, and Kakao TV shared photos from the drama's first script reading on November 6.

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Here, we gathered all the *deets* about this "short-form" romance drama: 

What's the plot of Lovestruck In The City

Soompi reports that the series "follows the realistic dating lives of young adults fighting to survive in the hectic city." Get this: There *might* even be multiple seasons of the show! The first season is called My Lovable Camera Thief and Park Shin Woo, the director behind It's Okay To Not Be Okay, will be spearheading the project. 

What do we know about the characters? 

Ji Chang Wook as Park Jae Won 

Soompi writes that Jae Won is an architect! "A year ago, a woman whom he calls the 'camera thief' stole his heart one summer night before disappearing, and he has not been able to forget her." 

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Kim Ji Won as Lee Eun Oh

Meet the ~camera thief~ herself: Soompi writes that although Lee Eun Oh lives an ordinary life, "she has a secret alter ego called Yoon Sun Ah, a free spirit with a slightly crazy side. She impulsively adopts this false identity in an unfamiliar place, but ends up falling in love with Park Jae Won." 

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Kim Min Seok as Choi Kyung Joon

We previously saw him in the 2016 dramas Descendants Of The Sun and Doctors! Soompi tells us that his character "seems cynical to the rest of the world but is a romantic when it comes to his girlfriend Seo Rin Yi." 

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So Ju Yeon as Seo Rin Yi

The Dr. Romantic 2 star will play "a klutzy girl who is lovable despite her quirks."

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Ryu Kyung Soo as Kang Geon

Last but not the least, Kang Geon is "a man who chooses the bachelor life."

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    Update as of December 7, 2020: 

    SHINee's Minho, who recently completed his mandatory military service, is confirmed to make a cameo in the series! According to a report from Soompi, he will play the role of "Oh Dong Sik, a police officer with three years of experience who is known to be deeply caring and understanding. As Park Jae Won makes constant visits to the police station swearing to catch a camera thief, the two cross paths." Waaa, can't wait for this!

    Update as of December 15, 2020:

    You guys, the official Netflix trailer for Lovestruck In The City is finally heeere. Along with it comes the release date announcement, December 22. Only one week left before we *witness* this adorable love story! 


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