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Claudia Barretto Goes Deep: 'I’m so young, but I forget how to be young'

PHOTO: Instagram/claudia

Singer Claudia Barreto is just 19 years old, but she seems like an old soul—or, at least, she’s an evolving soul.  A bit more elusive than her sisters and seemingly more reserved, Claudia instantly leaves us leaning in when she posts about things that dive deep into her journey. This latest post of hers is one such post:

Claudia writes: “I’m only 19 years old but I can’t help but feel like I’m running out of time sometimes. I’m so young but I forget to be young. I forget to value the time I have now and the privilege I have to do something about that ‘now.’” We notice how self-aware she is, and it draws us in to her elusive charm. 

In her post, she addresses both followers and "lurkers,” not in an attempt to impress or gain fans. Instead, she wants to tell her truth. She understands the evolution of her identity (as a person) and craft (as a singer), and is intent to embrace the “biggest lesson here [which is to be] a-ok to be unhappy with past selves. That’s the whole point of growing.” If we must say, we find her authenticity refreshing, especially when filters and images draw the most attention (and flak) nowadays. 


We also love that Claudia acknowledges how fortunate she is to be given the opportunity to express herself and explore her talent. Evident in her post, she isn’t one to dismiss this fact. But, more than just tagging her post with “hashtag blessed,” she boosts up the sentiment with the notion of being “able and blessed.” We love it. It’s so Cosmo of her to acknowledge not only her blessings but also recognize her ability to evolve and welcome the changes that her constant evolution are calling forth. 

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