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A Tearful Claudine Barretto Prays To Rico Yan: 'Rico, please help me take care of daddy'

Claudine said, 'So scared, Rico.'

Claudine Barretto posted a video as she prayed in Rico Yan’s grave on October 23. The actress, who was romantically involved with the late matinee idol, was sobbing as she said, “So scared, Rico.”

The actress posted the video with a caption that read, “Rico, please help me take care of daddy.” 

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In between sobs, Claudine also told Rico, “I know this is the first time I came here crying.”

Prior to posting the video, Claudine shared a photo of her late father Miguel Barretto. She wrote, “How do I live without [you] Daddy? [It’s] so painful, Daddy. [Please] help me, Daddy.”

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It’s no secret that the Barretto sisters have been feuding for some time now. This past week, the Barretto family saga continues following a scuffle between Claudine and Marjorie Barretto at their father’s wake resulting in Claudine getting hospitalized on October 17. Gretchen Barretto, who reconciled with Claudine early this year, posted videos of the alleged altercation where she said: “This is not fake news.” The issue grew to epic proportions with Marjorie giving a tell-all interview on October 22, where she said, “Everything was orchestrated.”

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