Cole Sprouse's Net Worth Is Even More Glorious Than His Hair

The higher the coif, the closer to $.

Important analogy: Much like cheese is best enjoyed with a giant goblet of wine (I'M FINE, MOM), the world is best enjoyed with a metaphorical giant goblet of Cole Sprouse. Though Noah Centineo has been thirstily trapping us on Instagram in a blatant attempt to dethrone his rival, Cole remains the internet's collective boyfriend thanks to this general vibe:

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Obviously, this perfect soul deserves to be one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood as compensation for this GIF alone. He is, in fact, doing pretty well for himself considering he's a millionaire at age 26 while the rest of us are out here reheating two day old pizza (again, I'M FINE, MOM). Anyway, here's a thorough report of what's lurking in Cole's bank account.

First, Let's Talk About The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

There are reports that the Sprouse twins made $20,000 (P1 million) per episode each...and there were 87 episodes total. $20k multiplied by 87 is $1.7 million-ish (P88.7 million) which isn't too shabby for a kid.

But Don't Forget About Friends, Friend

Cole played Ross' son on Friends, and no, it's not like he earned millions of dollars, but it was a pretty sweet recurring gig! It's unclear how much money Cole actually took home for the job, but hopefully he was compensated handsomely because Ben rules, so.

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Then There's His Commercial Work

Cole was in a ton of commercials as a kid, though the specific details of his paychecks aren't publicly known. Commercial work tends to range from $ to $$ but we can assume Cole made a lot considering he was already a household name for Disney-watching pre-teens. On that note, here's Cole and Dylan doing something resembling rapping (maybe?) in the name of yogurt:

Also, I refuse to give Big Daddy its own section, so I'm just gonna throw in the fact that he was in that Adam Sandler movie. The end.

Finally, He's Made a TON Playing Jughead

Cole's biggest income stream aside from The Suite Life has been—you guessed it—Riverdale. The hit CW show is in its third season, and back in October, Variety reported that the core four—aka Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, and KJ Apa—each earn $40,000 (P2.1 million) every episode. There have been 43 episodes, so (*dusts off brilliant math skills once again*) Cole has made somewhere around $1.7 million (P88.7 million) for the show.

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^Rare footage of me doing math.

So, What's His Total Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Cole was worth $8 million (P418 million) BEFORE Riverdale. But if you add in his Jughead salary (keeping in mind tax deductions), he's worth more like $9 million (P470 million) and counting. Deserves every penny, tbh.

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