Coleen Garcia And Daniel Padilla Might Just Become Step Siblings

PHOTO: Instagram/coleengarcia

Yup, you read that right. Kapamilya stars Coleen Garcia and Daniel Padilla could end up as step siblings! Yeah, confusing times.

Ok, so here’s the lowdown:

Coleen’s dad Jose Garcia and Daniel’s mom Karla Estrada recently went out on a “date” for the premiere of Coleen’s film, Love Me Tomorrow. Here’s proof of how awkwardly cute they were:

Even Coleen wasn’t spared from the cuteness of these middle-aged lovers, writing in her caption: “Bakit ang cute? Ako yung kinikilig #KarJo#LoveMeTomorrowWorldPremiere

So, how’d the two even meet? Well, daddy Jose surprised mommy Karla on her morning show Magandang Buhay and straight-up asked her to be his date for the premiere. And, well, as you know, that was a success. 

Coleen has expressed her feelings about her dad finally taking a shot at luuurve, saying: My dad has been single since I was 9, and I’m already turning 24 this year…I just want my dad to be happy and Tita Karla also deserves to be happy.” [via ABS-CBN]

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But, with the thought of becoming step siblings with heartthrob Daniel, Coleen was honest enough to say that it weirded her out. I mean, really, IT IS.

Coleen says, “It's so weird, it's so strange pero okay naman. Tanggap ko naman if ever.

Hmm... we wonder what Daniel thinks of his "ate" Coleen... 

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