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Here Are Coleen And Billy's Beautiful Wedding Vows

'I commit to you now and forever to be your rock.'
PHOTO: Bob Nicolas

Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford officially tied the knot on April 20, 2018 in an intimate ceremony surrounded by their closest friends and family at the luxurious Balesin Beach Club. 

During the ceremony, guests were completely moved by the beautiful and heartfelt exchange of vows of the couple:


"I promise to help you in your mission to help you become the best version of yourself. In the same way that being with you has made me feel so free to finally be myself. I will support you and watch you spread your wings, but I will also be your safety net, in case you ever fall.

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I promise you that we will face the world together, no looking back or too far ahead, only looking up for all the guidance we will ever need. Because ultimately, the only way to win our battles is to surrender and let God fight or us. And when the world misunderstands you, I will be here to understand you. I will be here to listen to you, to defend you, to fight for you, to love you, and accept you."


"I promise to work on myself to be the best husband you deserve. You're so much stronger than I am but I commit to you now and forever to be your rock.

It used to be 'you and me against the world.' But we were definitely wrong. It should've been God, you, and me in this world. No more secrets just love, transparency, faithfulness, respect, care, consistency, joy, and all the beautiful things that our savior Jesus Christ has taught us.

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Love, no matter what storm may hit us in this new beginning, I would choose to counter it with faith in God and full partnership with you."  

Watch their wedding SDE here.