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Coleen Garcia Is 'All Set' For Her Home Birth

The actress revealed that she finalized this change in plans in her third trimester.
PHOTO: Instagram/coleen

Coleen Garcia is on her 39th week of pregnancy and she's predicting to give birth on September 9, according to her most recent Instagram Story.

"We all have a friendly bet going on at home. Guessing when D-day is [laughing emoji]. My original guess was the 7th, but now I'm thinking the 9th—@billycrawford's original guess lol," she writes.

When spoke to the mom-to-be in July, she said that not being able to share the birth of their child with husband Billy Crawford was a "deal-breaker." Now, she reveals in an interview with that she is hoping to give birth to their son at home.


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"We are actually all set for a home birth. My team is made up of a midwife (plus a nurse) and a doula, and we are going to try for a water birth right in our bedroom," she writes in a cover story for the fashion magazine.

She adds, "Giving birth at home has its advantages: My family will be here if I need them, and so will Tamomo (her dog). Haha!"

The actress says that she's had to change her entire birth team and birth plan on her third trimester, but she's comfortable with the changes. She feels ready and confident with the decision as she's done her research, watched birthing classes with Billy, and "established backup plans."

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"I definitely did not see this coming, but I try not to let fear run my life. I'm cautious, but I'm not afraid," she writes.

Coleen says she's going to miss being pregnant, but she's more excited and looking forward to finally welcome their baby boy this month. He is the ray of hope that kept them going and he's the reason why they "never had a bad day" despite being pregnant in the middle of a pandemic.

"In spite of everything that's been happening around us, I'm still so grateful that I got to enjoy this pregnancy. I want to look back on this pregnancy and remember all the happiness that each milestone brought us. I want to remember that, even in such a gloomy time, this was more than enough, and it was all we needed for us to be filled to the brim with joy and hope," Coleen writes.

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