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Aww, Coleen Garcia's Tiny New Tattoo Is A Line From Billy Crawford's Wedding Vows

And it's in his handwriting!
PHOTO: Instagram/coleen

Coleen Garcia got herself a new tattoo. The other day, she posted on her IG stories, “New ink! Billy’s handwriting straight from our wedding vows.”

Her new tattoo, which she got on her right hip, is small and simple. It reads, “my everything” in Billy Crawford’s handwriting.

In another story, Coleen explained why the tattoo is upside down. “So only I can see it,” she said.

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Coleen and Billy got married in Balesin on April 20, 2018. They celebrated their first anniversary this year in Bali.

Coleen has had clever and really cute tattoo ideas. In May, she and her brother Luis Garcia spontaneously got matching tats; she had Lisa Simpson inked on her leg, and he had Bart Simpson on his.

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The anchor tattoo on her back symbolizes the strength and stability in her relationship with Billy. It also features a butterfly for her grandmother (who raised and supported her) and for freedom, and an infinity sign to remind her that her strength and her family are forever.