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Cosmo Men Unite: Partying Around The World At The Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2012

The hunkiest studs in the country gather at the hottest party of the year. See all the nice, naughty, and oh-no-he-didn't action in our exclusive photo gallery!

Temperatures hit maximum level at the World Trade Center last night, where the country's finest, hottest, and sexiest men paraded their chiseled bods up and down the ramp at the Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2012--to the delight of thousands of screaming ladies. Clothes were torn, ripped, shredded, and thrown left and right, and the crowd loved every minute of it!

The entire show was nothing short of spectacular. This year's lineup of uberly-hot men did not disappoint as they went all-out with their performances and individual gimmicks. They stripped, humped, tugged, gyrated, and even kissed some lucky ladies in the audience. Move over Magic Mike; these boys are giving you a run for your money!

To officially kick off the Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2012, host Menchu Antigua called out a masked shirtless stud--Cosmo Bachelor Sam Ajdani--to join her onstage to give the audience a sneak peek of what to expect throughout the show. She invited Cosmo assistant beauty editor Regina Belmonte to help her tick off boxes on the "boyfriend checklist". The criteria: killer smile (CHECK!), killer hip bones (CHECK!), killer abs (DOUBLE CHECK!) and killer personality--we've got ourselves a winner!

All Bachelors did such a great job showcasing their studly assets--and talents, too!--that the ladies couldn't contain themselves as they strutted down the runway.

Daniel Matsunaga captivated everyone via a video that showed him stripping slowly in front of a laptop webcam in a darkened bedroom. Former Centerfolds Fabio Ide and Hideo Muraoka were crowd favorites as they showed off their Capoeira skills and charmed us with their suave style. Bachelor Luke Landrigan was joined by former Centerfolds Anton del RosarioAly Borromeo, and Cosmo Online Hunk Andrew Wolff, and together they caused quite a commotion as they emerged onstage drenched in water (or sweat?). Drill master Jon Hall rallied his Superbods troop during a military segment--who could resist a man in uniform? Bachelors Baron Geisler, Carlo Romero, Jose Sarasola, and Arron Villaflor, as well as former Centerfolds Rocco Nacino, Enzo Pineda, JC Tiuseco, and Cosmo Online Hunk Benedict Campos also made an impression on their adoring fans.

The screams and shrieks intensified upon the announcement of the event's highlight: the 2012 Cosmo Centerfolds.

Joseph Marco looked dapper as he emerged in a pilot uniform and aviators. The crowd went wild as he slowly unbuttoned his polo to reveal his killer bod. 

Double trouble twins--and Cosmo Online Hunks!--David and Anthony Semerad joined forces to carry an adoring fan onstage, then sandwiched her while dancing.

John James Uy channeled his inner superhero in a barely-there but still visible Spiderman suit, then proceeded to show off his dancing skills.

Crooner Markki Stroem came out with a towel wrapped around his waist. He slipped off the shorts underneath his towel, then whipped off the towel to reveal skimpy swim trunks underneath.

Mikael Daez unleashed his geeky side in a Clark Kent-inspired ensemble and tickled our kilig bones as he pulled a chick up onstage and showered her with sweet kisses. Lucky girl!

Ian Batherson took things up a notch and gave us quite a show as he stripped off his police uniform to reveal a verrry naughty officer.

We all thought John Spainhour was the strong, silent type, but he showed us his wilder side as he teased the crowd and showed off his rock-hard abs. 

The girls got a little frisky when JM De Guzman ripped off his shirt, with an eager female fan gamely jumping onstage and dancing with the gwapo actor! 

We bet anyone would have killed for a slice of pizza after Alden Richards closed the show by appearing onstage as a pizza boy. The boy-next-door-turned-hottie shed his good guy image, proving to be a certified Cosmo stud!

The Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2012 concluded with all the Bachelors and Centerfolds giving a live performance of their viral video of the One Direction song "What Makes You Beautiful", and boy, did we feel beautiful! 

Missed out on all the Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2012 action? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Launch the gallery to see all the sexy higlights from last night!

Want to see what else went on during the Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2012? Peek in on the Centerfolds and the Bachelors, models, and male celebs--BACKSTAGE! Plus, check out the personalities we spotted partying at the Bash, and view the sexy ensembles on display that night! Watch for our exclusive Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2012 video coverage, coming soon on!

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