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Cosmo Online Hunk Andre Justin: Naughty Gentleman

We know you want to know more about (and see more of) our October featured hottie, so we'll undress him for you in his tell-all interview...and sexy gallery!

It's fun talking to October 2011 Cosmo Online Hunk Andre Justin. He doesn't run out of things to talk about and has opinions on a wide variety of topics. Since he was open about a lot of things to, we lost no time asking him your most pressing dating and relationship questions. We asked him things you don't normally get to ask your man or your guy friends about--and he willingly answered them as honestly and as comprehensively as possible.

So, after telling us what guys really think of your clothes and makeup (in Week 2), we got this single stud to divulge juicy things like what turns guys off on the first date, what are relationship dealbreakers, and how to get a guy to open up. His Week 3 interview reads like a tell-all--and his photo gallery is just as revealing.

We've received requests to show more of Andre, and we gladly oblige! Check out his "strip tease" photo gallery after reading his interview.

What are the things a girl must do on the first date?

On a first date, assuming that the guy is a really nice guy and everything, she should always be genuine. She should always ask the guy questions and be interested in what he has to say.

What's your number one turn-off on the first date?

One huge turn-off for me that a girl should never do on a first date is talk on her cellphone. I mean, have a conversation with her friend while having drinks or dinner. It makes the guy feel really small, you know, like you’re not giving him your undivided attention.    

What does it take for a girl to get you hooked?

What would get me hooked? It takes a lot for me to fall for a woman. But one of the biggest things is that, she has to inspire me. You know, she has to inspire me to be something or do something, she has to inspire me to be a better person, to have my own goals set, to reach my own goals in life.

What do you mean when you say it takes a lot for you to fall for a woman?

When I say’s because I haven’t loved too many women in my life. I’m really picky. So I think it’s because these women have to have kind of the same flaws that I have, you know, something that aren’t dealbreakers for me.

What are the top five non-negotiable qualities you look for in a woman?

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  • One, she has to make me laugh. That doesn’t have to mean she has to be humorous, but she has to make me laugh, all right?
  • Number two, she has to be genuine. Last thing I like are fake people.
  • Someone who speaks her mind, that’s number three. Regardless of what it is, she has to tell me what she’s thinking or whatever.
  • Number four, she has to be considerate--of my feelings, as well as her own, and anyone else we deal with.
  • And number five, she has to be affectionate, 'cause I myself am a very affectionate person, and I can’t be with someone who doesn’t like to hug at all.

What should a girl never talk to a guy about?

I think that if you have a really good relationship with any guy, any person, any friend, a girl shouldn’t be afraid to talk about anything. Everything is fair, fair game. The girl should never feel ashamed or afraid to speak about anything.

What’s the number one dealbreaker for you when it comes to women you date?

Someone who lies, someone who isn’t honest about her past, who isn’t honest about her future, and who isn’t honest about themselves. It’s a shame when people are ashamed of themselves and lie about certain things like who they were with or what they’ve been doing.

What’s the best way for a girl to get you to open up about something?

It’s for her to reciprocate with me, for her to show me that she’s equally not as afraid to talk about something that I don’t want to talk about. And also for her to want to listen, so I get the genuine feeling that she wants to listen to what I want to say. That’s the best way to open me up.

How do you know when a girl's "The One"?

You know that someone is "The One" when you can't live with them and you can’t live without them. Like for me, personally, it’s the person who brings out the best in me, it’s also the person who makes me the angriest. It’s kinda like a twirling relationship, give and take, you know. The best kind of relationship, when you know that someone is "The One," is when it’s like a roller coaster: when you have your good times, when you have your bad times. But the most important thing is, you guys stick together through thick and thin. That’s when you know the person is "The One."

How would you describe yourself as a boyfriend?

I am brutally honest. I’ll tell you whatever is on my mind, but I only do that because I care. You only do that if you really care about [someone], you know. I’m very loving, I’m very generous with my time, whenever I have free time, and my thoughts, if I’m your boyfriend, I’m constantly thinking about you, all day. And that’s the only thing I wanna do, you’re the only person that I want to be with.

If you love a girl so much and want to spoil her for a day, what would you plan?

I think that the best plan is not have a plan so everything’s spontaneous. Let’s go here, let's go there, let’s eat here, let’s eat there. Just as long as we’re together. That’s the best plan, that’s the best thing that everyone could ever have.

What relationship sins are unforgivable to you?

Someone who cheats, that’s very unforgivable. My personal take on that is, if a girl is willing to cheat, then she should be as willing to break up with her boyfriend 'cause there’s no point in being with someone you don’t care about.

Watch for Andre Justin's last batch of photos and interview next Wednesday!

Sittings editor: Trixie Reyna
Makeup: Christine Rojas Lavina using Becca
Stylist: Camille Santiago
Interview by Dawn Niekamp
Assisted by Jico Joson

Intern: Darylle Mon-Alon

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