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Cosmo Online Hunk Andre Justin: Rough Around The Edges

Our October hottie roughs it up for his Week Two gallery! But, in his interview, he talks about looks and style. Check him out!

We all want to give our men makeovers. Admit it. We assume men don't know anything about style and can't care less about the clothes they wear. But, when we give them the chance, men can teach us a thing or two about looking great in our clothes--about not going over the top. On his second week as October Online Hunk, we talked to Andre Justin about Cosmo's hottest topic this month: fashion.

We may have made him look tough in his photos this month, as you may have noticed in the first photo gallery and as you will see when you click through his second. But, behind-the-scenes, Andre is someone who actually cares to wear what "looks nice" for the occasion. "I don’t think I fit into a specific category [or style]. I wear what I like, whether or not it’s tight jeans, baggy jeans, hip-hop, or [for] a gimmick. I think whatever looks nice is my style," he says.

Read on to find out what outfits he thinks really look good on girls, what he really thinks of women's fashion, the biggest fashion booboo he has seen a woman commit, and other fashion-related subjects.

Girls can get really self-conscious about a lot of things. What do you think of that?

I think that girls should only be more conscious of their confidence level. When they deal with guys, or when they go out, hang out, or whatever--a job interview or their future boyfriend--they should be more confident, more conscious of how they present themselves.

What do you think women should stop being insecure about?

Girls should stop being so insecure about the way they appear to other people. Like honestly, to me, every woman is beautiful. There’s always something beautiful about every woman... Sometimes it’s the way they walk, sometimes it’s their lips, their hair--there’s always something beautiful about every single woman.

How important is a girl’s sense of fashion to you?

In terms of brands and all that, that’s not important at all. What’s important is that, whatever she wears, she feels 100% her best. That’s the sexiest thing. She could be wearing whatever but as long as she presents herself as being fashionable and sexy, that’s what’s important.

Is there a certain outfit you find sexy on girls...when they go out?

I have to say dresses, probably a spaghetti dress--very sexy.

Any specific color?

Maybe in the summer, maybe yellow or red. But maybe in winter or fall, maybe something blue, dark blue, something like that.

What else do you like seeing girls wear?

This is gonna sound surprising, but I think that something very sexy to see on a girl is pajamas. Yeah, if she’s just in some boy shorts, a tank top, then you know she’s comfortable and happy. Then that’s very sexy for me.

Can you recall the biggest fashion booboo you’ve seen a girl commit?

I remember this one time in college, when I was walking to class, this girl was walking back from the fraternity house with her dress on backwards. So [it's her] walk of shame, that’s the biggest fashion blooper.

What kind of makeup do you prefer seeing on women?

I like seeing very simple makeup. She can wear a lot of makeup but as long as it appears simple, that’s very sexy, that’s the best thing.

Which female celebrities do you find stylish and really beautiful?

There’s a lot of them; a lot of beautiful women. But the one who sticks out in my mind is Ashley Greene from Twilight. She’s very sexy, she’s naturally beautiful. When you look at her on TV or print, it doesn’t look like she’s wearing too much makeup. She can have short hair, long hair, any style, doesn’t matter, she’s always beautiful.

Watch for Andre Justin's third batch of photos and interview next Wednesday!

Outfit: Wifebeater, model’s own. Pants, Penshoppe. Combat boots, Boxfresh in Bauhaus.

Sittings editor and additional reporting: Trixie Reyna
Makeup: Christine Rojas Lavina using Becca
Stylist: Camille Santiago
Interview by Dawn Niekamp
Assisted by Jico Joson

Intern: Darylle Mon-Alon

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