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Cosmo Online Hunk Anthony Semerad: Lean, Mean, Dating Machine


Last week, we got up close and personal with one half of the most sought-after model-athletes in town, David Semerad of the San Beda Red Lions. This time, we're training the spotlight on his equally babelicious twin bro, Anthony Semerad, who makes our knees buckle with his megawatt smile! 

In this feature, the younger of the delectable duo lets us in on girls, dating tips, his idea of sexy, and his thoughts on traditional Pinoy ligawan! Also, find out his biggest turn-offs and his criteria for the perfect girlfriend.

Scroll down now to read our exclusive interview with the college stud. Click through the gallery to get a load of his undeniable hotness!

What do you think is the biggest misconception girls have about guys?

Girls thinking that guys are players, that every guy is a player. [They think] a guy playing basketball automatically [is] a player. Then they get turned off already. For me, I don’t believe every basketball player is a player to girls.

What would a girl have to do to get your attention?

Just be yourself. I don’t want anything over the top and trying to be “Hey, this is me.” Just be yourself and I’ll notice you.

Chinita, mestiza, or morena?


It doesn’t matter, as long as you're kind, you're beautiful, and you've just got to be yourself. It doesn’t matter.

What do you think about girls who bare a lot of skin? Is that sexy for you?

Of course, for a guy, yes, it is. It can turn on a guy in some ways, but [what matters is] the environment in which theyre going to do that, if it's appropriate or not. But yes, it is. I think any guy would agree with me.

Kissing on the first date. Agree or disagree?


Do you believe in old-fashioned courtship--flowers, chocolates, chivalry? Do you do that?

To tell the truth, I wasn’t really used to that when I moved to the Philippines. But I do see it's somewhat sweet for a girl if you do that. I believe it's the Filipino way and yes, I could do that.

So would you consider yourself a gentleman?

Yes, definitely. Open car doors, open doors, let them in. Yes!

What should a guy wear on a first date? 

What they feel comfortable [in]. If I'm comfortable in jeans and a nice shirt, why not? Don’t wear something that you're going to keep on fixing and moving. Just be yourself. Be comfortable.

What about for the girls? 

Nothing too conservative and nothing too over-the-top. Show your real self. What you wear is what you are, so show your real self.

Have you ever tried online dating?

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What about blind dates?

Yes, my brother has taken me to a couple and they weren’t that successful.

Would you ever date someone your who's a friend of your ex's?


What's the cheesiest thing you've done on a date?

I can’t really recall anything cheesy. What do you consider cheesy?

Like, setting up a scene from movie, fireworks and all that.

No, I can’t recall anything like that.

Would you go on a double date with your twin? Have you done that?

Always. All the time. 

When was the last time?

We always did it in Australia. Every weekend, we'd have a double date. "If you don't bring a friend, I'm not going!"

What’s sexier? Skinny or curvy girls?

Curvy girls. You gotta have a little meat on you.

Do you like it when a woman asks a guy out?

Why not? Guys can be chased.

Does a girl have to like basketball to date you? If you're going out with her, does she have to be a fan?

Not necessarily. She could be totally outside of the basketball world. [She just has to respect] your schedule, your training, what you have to do, when you're tired. She's just got to understand the athlete's life.


Watch for next week's feature on Cosmo Online Hunks David and Anthony Semerad on June 27, 2012, Wednesday!

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