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Cosmo Online Hunk Ari Salud: Rowing Hero

Cosmo mixes with the college crowd and gets close to a hunky athlete. Don’t you just wish you were back in class?
Everyone’s been following the UAAP basketball games and drooling over this season’s batch of robust young ball players, but we’re telling you, there are so much more hot college athlete-hunks you don’t get to see on TV!

Take Antonio Rodrigo Salud for example. 20-year-old Ari, as he is called by his peers, is an Economics major at the Ateneo de Manila University who is part of the Ateneo Rowing Team—the only university-based team in the country that competes internationally.

So why is Cosmo so kilig over this college cutie? Ari has that all-masculine moreno look going, a wide smile that could make any woman melt, and beneath that schoolboy charm, a chiseled body crafted by years of dedication to his sport. Read on to find out how you can catch this rowing heartthrob’s eye, and get cracking on those sit-ups!

How did you get into rowing?

A friend recommended it to me. I didn’t really know what it was about at the start. I just tried it out because of friends.

How long have you been rowing?

I’ve been doing this since first year [college], so that makes it three years.

What other sports are you into?

I love jogging. I’m in the power lifting team, but not under Ateneo. Sa Moro Lorenzo Sports Complex [still within the Ateneo campus].

How do you take care of your body?

I don’t care what I eat. I eat almost anything. What I do is I control the portions, especially the carbs, so that includes rice, etc. And I only drink water.

So you rarely drink alcohol?

Yeah. Puro water lang. No soft drinks.

Do you get a lot of compliments for your body?

From my teammates, yeah, kind of.

From your teammates only?!

Kasi when I’m in school naman I’m in full attire. My teammates are the only ones [who get to see my body], and siguro those who train with me in Moro, in my gym. Kasi that’s the only time I wear sando.

Does a girl have to be athletic or fit to get your attention?

Actually yeah, that’s one of the things I look for in a girl. That they’re in good physical condition rin. I don’t know, maybe it’s a common ground thing. And siyempre, it’s physical attraction, when you’re attracted to that kind of beauty.

More photos of Ari Salud and another interview will be uploaded next week, only here on!

Shot on location at Ateneo de Manila University, Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City.
Hair and makeup by Kate Hernandez
Styled by Happy Lopez
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