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Cosmo Online Hunk Benedict Campos: The Humble Hunk

August may be coming to an end, but our Online Hunk continues to win us over as he reveals the down-to-earth dude beneath the matinee idol looks.

Over the past few weeks, you’ve gotten to know TV stud Benedict Campos beyond the bad boy roles he usually plays on the small screen. Not only is he passionate about his craft, he’s also a certified sweetie who knows what he wants in a woman and knows how to keep a relationship going. And let's not forget the obvious fact that he’s insanely good-looking, which, given all his other swoon-worthy qualities, is just the cherry on top of this super-sexy treat.

With a repertoire like his, a lesser guy than Benedict would probably have an ego the size of a planet. But despite his success, this hunk remains one of the most down-to-earth guys in the biz. He keeps his feet planted firmly on the ground, and away from the glare of the cameras, opts for a low-key lifestyle instead--not to mention a laidback chick to bond with.

In the final leg of our interview with our August Online Hunk, he talks about his Hollywood idol and celebrity crush, surprising facts people don’t know about him, and some of his guiltiest pleasures.

Name three things people don’t know about you.

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One, akala ng ibang tao na nagda-diet ako pero mahilig talaga ako sa food. Siguro [it's because I'm] an athlete and I was a swimmer so mabilis 'yung metabolism ko. Two, I speak Chinese—Mandarin. My dad’s Chinese so I speak Mandarin. I also came from a Chinese school. My mom’s American and my dad’s Chinese, but they’re both half-Filipino. Three, I eat out [all the time]. As in hindi ako kumakain sa bahay. I try new restaurants, mahal man or mura, basta bago siya or I see it on Facebook or Twitter, I'll try it out. Doon ako mahilig

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What has been your biggest purchase so far?

Hindi ako mahilig sa cars so what I’m using now bigay sa akin ng dad ko. Actually 'yung one thing people don’t know about me, hindi ako materialistic. I don’t buy gadgets or anything. Actually 'yung phone ko, free phone. My MacBook is a hand-me-down from my younger brother. 'Yung car ko from my dad. I don’t really buy material things. Hindi ako mahilig sa mga ganyan. Siguro 'yung biggest spending that I did was life insurance for myself.

Name five things you wouldn’t leave the house without.

Phone, wallet, clothes, keys to my condo, and my watch.

Do you ever use pick-up lines?

Hindi ako nag pi-pick-up lines pero if you watch the show Together Forever 'yung character ko dun mahilig siya sa pick-up lines.

Can you name any male Hollywood celeb that you look up to?
Johnny Depp. Very broad 'yung mga characterizations niya at 'yung mga roles na pine-play niya. Pero medyo malabo gawin dito [sa Pilipinas] 'yung mga roles niya.

Do you have a fantasy girl in mind?

One of the most beautiful girls para sa akin is Emma Watson. She’s one of the prettiest girls na nakita ko. 

Can you describe to us a typical day in your life?

Actually there are two kinds of days para sa akin: working day and non-working day. ‘Pag taping day I wake up early. Actually the night before I pack na all my things para paggising ko sa umaga I just go straight to the set. Tapos buong araw na 'yun, 24 hours. Next day usually kung walang work I sleep, go to the gym, eat, and play basketball.

Do you stick to a diet? How do you keep fit?

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No. Mahilig ako sa fast food or lahat ng gusto kong kainin kinakain ko.

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

I love watching TV shows. I download TV shows halos everyday. The shows that I follow ay 'yung mga nasa States. Mahilig ako manood ng shows kahit paulit-ulit lalo na 'yung shows like Friends and How I Met Your Mother, pinapanood ko pa rin yun paulit-ulit.

What are your priorities right now aside from your career?

It’s more of work lang ngayon ehSiyempre family and friends. 'Yun lang 'yun. Nothing more than that

What things do you still want to try or experience?

Madami akong gustong gawin na adventures. Like I want to go skydiving or bungee jumping. Ganung klaseng adventure na hindi ko pa nagagawa. I want to try other things. 

Right now, what keeps you inspired?

My work. I’m really enjoying what I’m doing right now and lahat ng blessing na binibigay sa akin ngayonso I’m just really thankful and enjoying. 

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Outfit: Top from Collezione, shorts from Folded and Hung 

Watch for the behind-the-scenes footage during our shoot with Benedict Campos on August 29, Wednesday!

Shot on location at Taal Vista Hotel, located at Kilometer 60, Aguinaldo Highway,Tagaytay City. 
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Sittings editors: Stephanie F. Esguerra

Interviewer: CJ de los Santos

Stylist: Camille Santiago

Grooming: Cats del Rosario

Celebrity Coordinator: Allan Altera