Cosmo Online Hunk Eric Alessi: Free Spirit

Meet this month’s hunk, an Argentinian model/photographer who’s interesting, easygoing, and one hell of a sexy stud. We’re in love!
Ahhh, Argentina. Home of the tango, the AFA, Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara, First Lady Eva Peron, and Eric Alessi. Who’s that last one, you ask? He’s only the hottest foreign property to hit Manila in the last few months!

Cosmo Online Hunk Eric Alessi may call Buenos Aires, Argentina his home, but the tall, lean, and fair-haired model has been in the Philippines for a few months now. The past four years have seen freewheeling Eric hopping from country to country on modeling assignments as well as on backpacking trips, and we’re mighty lucky he’s decided to make a pitstop at these shores.

Recently, the Argentine model has found another calling behind the camera—he now does fashion photography full-time. But as this month’s Online Hunk, he takes a break from shutterbugging to be the stunning subject once again. Try not to be too mesmerized by that wavy blond hair, that golden skin, those dark eyes, and those yummy abs, though. You’ll surely fall under his spell.

Read on to find out how this outdoorsy traveler finds summer in the Philippines, why he thinks traveling alone rocks, and why his summer flings remain just that--flings. Feast your eyes on Eric now, before this wandering hunk gets itchy feet once again!

What do you think of summer in the Philippines?

I love it! For me, it’s the perfect weather. This is better than cold weather, always. It cheers you up every morning. Even if it’s hot and sometimes you get sticky and all, it’s still better than cold.

Is summer in Argentina like this?

Yeah, it’s like this. Or hotter even. It can get from 40 to 43 degrees. It can get that hot.

That is hot. What vacation spots in Argentina do you recommend?

Argentina is such a big country. You can go south to the mountains where you can ski or snowboard. Then you can go to the waterfalls in the north. After the Niagara, the Iguazu Waterfalls is the deepest and widest waterfall. I live in Buenos Aires, which is a must-visit. It’s a metropolitan city. It’s considered the most European city in Latin America.

What other vacation spots you’ve been to do you recommend?

I recommend Barcelona in Spain. All of Spain is nice, but Barcelona, I fell in love with the city. It’s amazing, it has beaches, and there are beautiful souls there. People there are really nice. People would come to you and talk to you for no reason, just to talk and enjoy.

Tell us about your most memorable vacation.

2007 was a nice year. I came here to the Philippines and I had an amazing vacation in Boracay. I haven’t visited it yet this time—I know it’s crowded now—but that time was really nice. Also, the islands in Greece were beautiful. The thing is, I don’t consider it a vacation. It’s more like experiencing other countries. I went backpacking to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Korea, [and the] Philippines. My most memorable trip would be when I went to Laos, with all the beautiful smiles of the kids in the streets. You see them and they don’t feel that they’re poor in spirit or anything. They just live with what they have and what they grow in their fields. That was a beautiful experience. I enjoyed it. I stayed there for about a month just traveling.

When you go on these trips, with whom do you go?

I go alone. I find that when you go alone, you can really find yourself. Of course, I enjoy company, but when you go with somebody, you might miss many things on that trip. When you’re in conversations with that person, you miss many things. You get to meet less people with a companion around. When you’re alone, people are always coming to you.

So you’d rather travel alone than travel with a friend, a girlfriend, or family?

Yeah. Sounds weird, but I really enjoy the time alone. When you have the comfort of being alone, you’re at peace with the universe. I’m a really spiritual person. When you’re at peace with you, you’re at peace with everything that surrounds you. So on any trip or wherever you are, you enjoy things on a higher level. It’s just beautiful.

Don’t you get bored traveling alone?

No, it’s impossible to get bored! It’s something so beautiful! You enjoy everything. You see things that, when you’re talking or doing things with someone, you don’t get to see. It’s so much fun, really.

Have you ever had a summer fling?

Yeah! That’s the story of my life (laughs)! I’ve been traveling for the past four years. In those four years, I’ve just had one girlfriend. When I was modeling before, I was changing countries every two to three months. So I meet a person, we’re fine, but then she leaves, or I leave. So it makes it really hard to keep that up, unless you travel with the person. But I never found somebody to travel with. I wasn’t ready [then], I guess. Before, I was a party boy; now, I’m more chill. So summer flings happen to me all the time. That’s so far how I’m living.

So these relationships never last—they always end after you leave?

I still talk and I still keep in touch [with them], but it never lasts. It doesn’t go further. With some of them, I wish it went further, but circumstances won’t let us continue. When you realize that everything in life isn’t permanent, you just enjoy the moment and the rest just passes.

Shot on location at Falcon Crest Resort, Brgy. Partida, Norzagaray, Bulacan. Visit Falcon Crest Resort on the web at For more information, contact 0917.7952119. Special thanks to Izzy Laluna and Gerald Falcon.

Plaid shorts from Marithe + Francois Girbaud; fisherman's hat, stylist's own. Special thanks to Ms. Abi Fernan of Marithe + Francois Girbaud.

Grooming by Cats del Rosario
Styling by Jason Cruz

Representation by Joyce Ramirez of PR Asia
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