Cosmo Online Hunk Eric Alessi: Latin Lover

Think you know him pretty well by now? Think again! For his Online Hunk finale, the ravishing Argentinian gets even more intimate.
The more we find out about May Online Hunk Eric Alessi, the more smitten we are with the Argentinian model! It’s not enough that he’s blessed with a totally tight frame and sun-kissed skin, he’s also a talented lensman, a spontaneous spirit, and a down-to-earth date.

But after taking in a steady dose of tousled blond hair, smoldering stares, and oh-so-perfect pecs week after week, we know you Cosmo chicks can’t wait to skip all the pleasantries and get down to the naughty stuff!

As Eric bids us adieu on his final week as Online Hunk, he reveals more sexy secrets that would make any Pinay blush. Read the interview below to learn our daring May hunk’s thoughts on first-date nooky, outrageous spots for outdoor lovin’, a steamy sex fantasy he’s ticked off his list, and a steamier one he’s setting his sights on!

Click through the gallery to see the Latin lover boy lure you into a deserted forest. Oh Eric, take us with you!

What makes you sexy?

I don’t consider myself a sexy guy or a good-looking guy or whatever people might say. [What makes me sexy] could be, as people say, my charm, the way I speak to them, the way conversations go with me, and my sense of humor. I like to dress well; that also helps. It’s not just one thing, it’s all together, what makes [a person] sexy. I think when you put everything together, you get a nice feeling, and you get attracted to that person. It’s not just one thing. I think ‘sexy’ is more about personality.

What turns you on?

Something that really turns me on is nice perfume, nice-smelling skin, some lotion scent on a woman. That, I find, is so attractive. We’ve got five senses; we don’t only have to be attracted through sight. We can be attracted through so many senses—by touching the skin or smelling the perfume. My woman always has to be wearing nice perfume.

What do you think of kissing on the first date?

It’s all right! How will you go to the second step if you don’t go through the first step? Go, kiss, try. You need to have some chemistry. If you don’t have chemistry on the first kiss, I don’t think you’re going to find it at all.

What do you think of sex on the first date?

It’s all right, too, of course! Why do you have to stop yourself if you’re really into it? Some girls are like that. They say no, but you know they want to. Why do they stop? Sex is something beautiful. You can really click with the person when you’re having sex. Of course, a one-night stand is different. But the sex is going to make the relationship go further. So it doesn’t matter—what’s going to change if you have it on the first date, or the third date, or the tenth date? It doesn’t change anything.

Have you ever gone commando?

Yeah, way back (laughs). When I was modeling, some days you just wash everything and you just don’t have underwear because it’s in the laundry. So what happens sometimes is you go to a casting. And you find out it’s for jeans. So you have to change clothes in front of a client. And it’s kind of funny when you have to turn around and take off your pants.

Have you ever gone without underwear on a regular day? How did it feel?

Yeah (laughs)! It’s so fresh!

Would you be open to outdoor sex?

Yeah, of course. I’ve done it [in] so many places. To name some, there's the sea, in a tree house, in the MRT, elevators. Could be more, but let’s leave it at that. I’m trying to be a good boy here (laughs).

When’s your favorite time to have sex?

Anytime, guys! Anytime is good!

What’s your wildest fantasy?

Done? Or… (trails off then laughs).

Oookay. One that you’ve done, and another that you’d like to do.

A nice fantasy that I had and I’ve done: two girls and I. What I would like? Three girls and I. Three girls is okay. I’m not [aiming] for five (laughs).

Shot on location at Falcon Crest Resort, Brgy. Partida, Norzagaray, Bulacan. Visit Falcon Crest Resort on the web at For more information, contact 0917.7952119. Special thanks to Izzy Laluna and Gerald Falcon.

Faded cut-off jeans, model’s own. Dark jeans from Marithe + Francois Girbaud. Special thanks to Ms. Abi Fernan of Marithe + Francois Girbaud.

Grooming by Cats del Rosario
Styled by Jason Cruz
Representation by Joyce Ramirez of PR Asia
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