Cosmo Online Hunk Eric Alessi: Thrill-Seeking Stud

Our Argentinian hunk likes to live life to the fullest—be it by climbing mountains, swimming with sharks, or doing it in the MRT. This guy’s not for the faint of heart!
Last week, you saw our May Online Hunk Eric Alessi kicking back in our country’s sunny clime in lazy, laid-back fashion. This week, he ups the energy level by trying his hand at rappelling—a pretty tame task, once you discover all the crazy escapades this adrenaline junkie has been on.

Eric is not your typical male model. Sure, this Argentinian looker has got awesome skin, a torso that’s to-die-for, and eyes that bore right into your soul, but he has completely bypassed the pretty boy label by our standards! As you found out last week, Eric is an introspective, spiritual dude who enjoys exploring new territories, meeting new people, and capturing the world's ephemeral beauty through his own lens. And this time, this intriguing character lets us in on another facet of his personality: he may be thoughtful and laid-back, but he’s not one to shy away from a full-on adrenaline rush!

Read on to find out what wild adventures Eric has been on, what daring deeds he has done in the name of lust, and how he applies that adventurous streak in the boudoir! Click on the gallery to see this fair-haired hottie enjoying his adrenaline fix—and get an eyeful of those bulging biceps and rippling abs while you’re at it!

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

Back in South Africa I did two things. One was cool, but I cannot say too adventurous: I went to swim with white sharks. But we [were] in a cage so it wasn’t that risky. The other adventurous thing was when I climbed a mountain in South Africa by mistake. We were supposed to go through a hiking path to go to the top. I thought I would find the hiking path up there. So I just climbed up a little bit, [but] there was no one [and] I couldn’t get down, so I kept climbing up. I was free climbing for like a thousand meters so it took me a while. And it was 90 degrees. It was vertical. That was tough. It was the first time I did something like that. The feeling you get after experiencing something like that when you reach the top is just amazing. If I fell, I would have died.

Weren’t you scared?

I was trying not to focus on looking down. And then just commit myself to that.

What other wild adventures would you like to try?

Skydiving. I think I want to do it here.

In romance, do you also like to be adventurous?

I like to be spontaneous. Whatever comes spontaneously is going to be beautiful.

Would you prefer your girl to be just as carefree as you?

Yeah! Of course!

Do you ever see yourself dating someone who’s the opposite of you?

It happened, but it turned out that she changed. She changed because, I don’t know, when you’re with a person, you have to weigh: do you either follow or just turn back?

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for love?

For love or in love?


I cannot say I did any crazy things for love. I can say I did crazy things in love, like doing it in the MRT or stuff like that. Don’t worry, not here in Manila (laughs).

The people here would be scandalized.

I believe so. If there are too many people, you cannot do that. I tried it in Singapore.

Anything else you’ve done while you were in love?

Some are just spontaneous trips or things like that. But crazy…I never really got myself into any really big trouble for someone.

Are you also adventurous in bed?

Yeah! I think my last answer [proved that].

Would you be willing to try different positions?

But of course! Come on! I’m Latino. I guess it’s just natural. It’s so boring to stay in the same position.

Shot on location at Falcon Crest Resort, Brgy. Partida, Norzagaray, Bulacan. Visit Falcon Crest Resort on the web at For more information, contact 0917.7952119.Special thanks to Izzy Laluna and Gerald Falcon.

Plaid shorts from Marithe + Francois Girbaud. Special thanks to Ms. Abi Fernan of Marithe + Francois Girbaud.

Grooming by Cats del Rosario
Styled by Jason Cruz
Representation by Joyce Ramirez of PR Asia

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