Cosmo Online Hunk Felix Roco: The Bad Boy Deep In Thought

This week, our Online Hunk retreats into his shell, with only a book to keep him company. Bookworms never looked so sexy!
You’ve seen our Online Hunk light up a cigarette in the concrete jungle and chug down a beer at a bar. On his third week as this month’s featured hottie, up-and-coming actor Felix Roco, who plays a reformed rebel in the critically-acclaimed indie film Engkwentro, continues his bad-boy-gone-good act here in by taking the machismo down a few more notches--well, he tried.

Most bad boys are reckless rebels who throw caution to the wind, rarely slowing down to get into more useful pursuits. But we got this talented actor to tread the path to self-improvement (or at least pretend to), armed with this New Year’s resolution: “I’ll feed my mind.”

See Bembol Roco’s son get his act together by being pensive and immersing himself in a good book. Find out what other intimate tidbits we learned about the promising young actor as he ruminates on his romantic history--finally.

Q: Is it harder or easier to get a date now that you’re more famous?

Ever since, I was never good with the girls. Mahiyain ako at torpe. Maraming hindi naniniwala, pero oo.

Q: So you’re saying you can be outgoing, but when it comes to asking a girl out, you’re not?

Nakatatlong girlfriends pa lang ako.

Q: That’s not too bad! That’s okay for a guy your age (20).

Okay (laughs).

Q: What would you say are your strengths as a boyfriend?

Loyal ako. I’m understanding. Maalaga ako.

Q: What would you say are your weaknesses as a boyfriend?

Minsan schedule, [when] work [gets in the way].

Q: So why did your relationships end?

Wala, e naloloko ako e!

Q: Maybe you’re too nice!

‘Yun na nga ‘yun!

Q: Name one thing that really frustrates you about women.

Ang bilis nilang magalit. 'Tsaka sobrang selosa ang mga babae. ‘Yun ‘yung pinakaayaw ko.

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Shot on location at The Richmonde Suite, Richmonde Hotel, 21 San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City (telephone: 02-6387777; fax: 02-6388567; email:; website: Special thanks to Ms. Annie Dioso.

V-neck shirt and tank top, stylist's own; shorts, model's own.

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Styling by Leona Lavina-Panutat
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