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Cosmo Online Hunk Jaco Benin: The Kind Of Guy You'd Bring Home To Mom

Meet this music sensation and humble sweetheart who takes classy to another level. Get to know Jaco through our first interview and set of gorgeous photos!

If your mood is dampened by the rainy weather--and/or gloomy love will help you bounce back and cheer up! This month, we thought we'd introduce you to a super sweet, super hot star-in-the-making with the voice of an angel. Meet August Cosmo Online Hunk Jaco Benin.

If the last name rings a bell, you may know Jaco as the son of Joey Benin (the bassist of Side A). Jaco is surely following in his father's musical footsteps, but mind you, he broke into the business on his own. He was discovered at a party by his manager, who didn't know about his famous dad! He released his first album Ako Naman last March. Jaco toured the country earlier this year and wowed audiences with his first single--a remake of "Torete."

One of Jaco's first TV projects was the ABS-CBN youth-oriented TV sequel Your Song presents: Gimik 2010, where he began playing some of his own compositions. He also joined TV5's Inday Wanda and Shout Out! You can regularly catch him performing in ABS-CBN's ASAP Rocks, as part of the group "A-pop."

Get to know Jaco better through this first of four interviews, which allowed us to see that he's the sweet, down-to-earth type of guy you'd want to bring home to meet the family. Find out what he has to say about his music and life in the spotlight, and what he's like outside of showbiz. Then, make sure you check out his first of four galleries, which is actually just a teaser; you can be sure he'll be shedding more of those layers of dapper clothing in the weeks to come!

What song on your latest album Ako Naman would you say best represents you as an artist?

My single "Torete," because I personally arranged it. I changed the melody and the arrangement from the original one, so makikita talaga roon 'yung flavor ng music ko.

You have sometimes been compared to your well-known father.What do you have in common with your dad? What sets you apart?

We all have our own strengths and weaknesses pero siyempre, because he's my dad, talagang naturally there are stuff na kind of the same, like in our music, our voice, the way we sing. Kami ng dad ko, we're the sweet type lang. We don't really belt or do 'yung mga kulot-kulot. We're just simple. So I think what's different between me and my dad is the generation that we grew up in. He grew up listening to Sting, Toto. Ako, I grew up listening to Side A...pero not so e. People see my dad in me.

Do you think you've changed since you entered showbiz? How so?

Maybe just 'yung pag-alaga sa sarili, that's it. Pero with friends and going out--nothing has changed. I'm still [the same guy] outside of the showbiz world.

What do you love most about showbiz life? What do you like least?

What I love most is it's just fun. I love doing what I do. [The thing I like least] naman is masyado 'yung sa personal life ko. I want to try to just put my personal life away from showbiz life.

What's it like standing and performing alongside stars like fellow A-pop members Sam Concepcion and Young JV,
as part of ASAP Rocks? What's your relationship with them like?

Sam Concepcion, they're actually the closest friends I have. Sila 'yung kasama ko lagi. Pero when I started pa lang, [some of the first stars I worked with on ASAP were] Charice Pempengco and Billy Crawford, so it was overwhelming. At some point, I can't believe that I was there, pero they will actually make you feel like part of it. Wala silang distance na pinapakita. They're very comfortable. They won't make you feel na "I'm a star and bago ka pa lang." So that's good.

Are there any other talents you're honing or want to showcase in the future?

Well, kasi I did singing na and I did dancing. I cooked na. Now I'm in Cosmo! Siguro I want to try more acting pa.

Outside of showbiz, how do you spend your days? What do you like to do that people might not expect?

I cook. I love cooking, that's what I do. If I'm cooking nasa relaxed mode ako. After going to the gym, I'll stay home and watch cooking shows--DVDs of Hell's Kitchen, Top Chef, and stuff like that. Favorite ko 'yung Hell's Kitchen because it's interesting to watch. Hindi ka mabo-bore. Tapos 'yon, I studied Culinary Arts for a year so I know some stuff and my dad cooks. We actually make pasta and bread from scratch!

You've often been teased for looking like Taylor Lautner--even body-wise. How do you maintain your bod'? Any secrets?

I'm actually a fitness addict. I'm not the vain type na "I want to look like this," pero as long as I feel that I'm fit and healthy, I'm happy. I do different stuff everyday. I can't sleep without doing something. But I'm always in the gym. It doesn't mean that I always lift weights; sometimes I do Pilates or TRX.  I also do running, sprints, anything that makes me sweat, I guess. I also started swimming before. I used to compete when I was like 7 to 10 years old. Then I turned to basketball. I got in the varsity training team of Adamson Falcons in college for a year and a half, so that's an achievement.

What achievement in your life are you most proud of, so far?

I think I made my parents proud for who I have become. I made a lot of mistakes in the past, I made big mistakes, pero when I look at it now, I don't regret. Kung hindi ko sila pinagdaanan, I wouldn't be like this. I wouldn't be as strong as I am now. I was raised in a Christian family so I was raised in good values.

What are the most important things a girl should know about you?

I'm a Born Again Christian, so I don't party. I don't drink or have any vices. And girls should know that I'm a gym buff. They should also know that I'm faithful and loyal.

Shot on location at Marriott Hotel, Newport City Complex, Pasay City

Stylist: Donna Cuna Pita
Makeup: Catherine Del Rosario
Sittings editor and additional reporting: Trixie Reyna
Celebrity coordinator: Allan Altera
Intern: Darylle Mon-Alon

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