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Cosmo Online Hunk Jose Sarasola: For Your Appetizer...

It's all about HOT MEN this September in Cosmo. We're serving you a yummy treat you'll crave for all month--a super HOT CHEF you can bring home to mom.

As we unleash the 69 WILD Bachelors and 10 FIERCE Centerfolds with the release of the September issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine today, we officially begin a full month of only the lust-worthiest men in the country--and beyond. Online, we're giving you a different taste of HOT, as we bring you an Online Hunk who's sexy in every sense of the word--yet so wholesome, you can bring him home to meet your folks.

We got chef Jose Sarasola to go sexy for us as our September hunk. This Filipino-Spanish-Thai stud may look familiar to a lot of you: not only was he last month's featured Hunk in Cosmo Magazine and a Cosmo Bachelor in 2006, he's also the the Pinoy Fear Factor hottie who was bitten by an anaconda in an episode of the ABS-CBN reality show. Some of you may even have voted for this Cutie in Candy Magazine. And, as an ABS-CBN talent, you probably see him on your small screen when he appears in various shows, including the soap Only You. You can watch for more regular TV appearances from this rising talent!

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But for now, give your full attention to this webpage, as you click through photos of Jose enjoying a dish called Fish Me Nori, a specialty of his own bar, Avenue 75 Sports Bar at BF Homes Paranaque. You read that right, gals. Not only can this 24-year-old stud cook, he's also set on making his own business a success. Doesn't that just make him an ultimate catch? Not satisfied with making a name for himself just in showbiz, Jose put his degree in Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management from De La Salle-College of St. Benilde to good use by starting his own business.

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By now, we're sure you're craving for more info on Jose. We're serving it in four parts, just like a multi-course meal. Let us begin with the appetizer, as we let you in on more Jose facts in this Q&A.

How do you feel about posing as a Hunk for Cosmo?

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I could say it’s flattering, and siguro I’m getting older because before talaga, sa Candymag lang ako e. But now, in this shoot for Cosmo, I feel more mature.

Have you ever done something like this before?

Siguro last year, nung Fear Factor, nag-pose din kami for a pictorial in our underwear. This is kind of close to that na rin.

Tell us about your Pinoy Fear Factor experience. What will you not forget about it?

That was one of the best experiences of my life. Going to Argentina to shoot Fear Factor was amazing. Plus, getting bitten by an anaconda was freaky but memorable.

Name one thing people always compliment you on.

I guess I could say na, since I'm always clean cut, with short hair, always shaven, hindi ako mukhang puyat o sabog. So, probably it's my clean boy image. Talent-wise, well, besides cooking I don’t really do much stuff. So I would say just cooking siguro because that’s my forte.

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What got you interested in cooking?

I loved watching cooking shows on TV, and ever since I got hooked on it.

What’s your specialty dish?

Spanish and Italian food.

If you weren't a chef, what do you think you'd become?

If I wasn’t a chef, I would be the owner of a big money-earning corporation.

How do you spend your day?

I wake up every morning at around 10 or 11. Then I have early lunch slash breakfast. Then in the afternoon, I check the sales of my bar. And I hit the gym. I usually play ball in the afternoon and in the evening I stay home, drop by the bar, check how it’s going, and then watch DVDs. Well, that’s on a regular day.

What keeps you busy?

Ah, right now I guess the bar. I’m really [keeping myself busy] with my bar full time. They always say na “to run a business, the owner has to be there all the time to see what’s going on.” On some occasions, I go to ABS-CBN also. But right now, in my life, I really focus on my business.

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Who are your celebrity crushes?

I think I will go with Anne Curtis and Angel Locsin. Not because they’re really pretty, but because of how they act. Kasi talagang kakaiba 'yung acting nila and I know them kasi, so even if they’re my friends, I find them really pretty in and outside.

So, are you in a relationship right now?

No, I’m single.

Are you dating someone?

No, but hopefully soon. If I find the right one.

How many girlfriends have you had?

Seriously around six or eight.

What's your favorite vacation spot?

I really love going to Bangkok. It sounds really cliche, but then I have [relatives] there. Actually I have [relatives] in Spain and in Thailand, but I’d rather go to Thailand, because there’s something about that place that’s parang Filipino rin but it’s really nice and everyone’s really friendly there. So Bangkok would be a nice place.

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Would you bring your girl there, if you had one?

Yeah, for sure, if I had a girl. Libre pa.

What are the things you are passionate about?

[Throughout] high school, I was in our school's varsity team for basketball. I was also in the varsity team in Benilde, in CSB. Up to now, I still play ball really competitively talaga, even in regular pick-up games talagang ayaw kong magpatalo. [I'm also passionate] about life, my businesses. And my family, of course, is important to me.

What would you like Cosmo chicks to know and remember most about you?

One thing about me is...I can't actually look into a girl’s eyes. Talagang every time I look into a girl’s eyes, nahihiya ako. So I always have this shy thing going on. And I guess that I’m happy to be part of Cosmo. Ever since, I was in Candymag, [but] now I made a switch to Cosmo. Hopefully, in the future, I'll see myself more in the magazine.

Shot on location at Jose Sarasola's bar, Avenue 75 Sports Bar, 75 Aguirre corner Gonzales Streets, BF Homes Phase 2, Paranaque

Styling by Kabbie Rodriguez

Grooming by Cats del Rosario
With reports from Trixie Reyna
Special thanks to Mhon Lures and Jose's mom for their assistance

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