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Cosmo Online Hunk Jose Sarasola: Like Soup And Salad

...he's healthy for you! Feed your appetite as our September Online Hunk dishes juicy insights that single ladies will find useful!

We'll make your mouth water all month long, as we not only bring you the 69 hottest men and 10 wildest celebrity Centerfolds, we're also giving you an exclusive online treat: sexy chef Jose Sarasola, who's our featured hunk this month. After serving you some delish appetizer, in the form of Jose's first set of photos, we now bring you the second and third part of a five-course meal so to speak--two sets of photos of Jose looking oh-so-sexy in an apron, as he prepares soup and salad!

For his interview this week, you’ll get to know this ABS-CBN talent a little deeper as he talks about women, dating, and courtship. He even divulges a juicy secret! With Jose’s charming boy-next-door looks and soft heart, you’ll find he’s a keeper. So learn how you can win this hot chef’s affections, and pick up a thing or two about handling rejection and moving on.

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What are the things you look for in a girl?
Physically, well, I’m not really a judge of physical character. But then I always want to see the inner beauty of a person.

What do you find attractive in a woman?

Probably the way she thinks and brings herself in public. Kasi siyempre you don’t want to have a girl na nakakahiya naman in public. So you want a classy girl and a smart girl.

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Describe the qualities of your ideal girl.

Well, I’m not really a fan of foreigners. I actually like Pinay beauties or Chinese. That’s [for their physical attributes.] [And personality-wise] that’s basically it: the smart girl would be really fine.

What outfit/look do you like on girls?

Skirts and t-shirts. I’m a simple guy. I’m a jeans-and-t-shirt guy myself.

Do you like girls who put on heavy makeup? Why or why not?

No makeup. I want to see the real beauty.

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What turns you off in a woman?

Probably [when she's] loud. Nakakainis 'pag maingay e, mas maingay pa sa lalaki. For me that doesn`t work, so I like the quiet ones.

Is it important to you that a girl knows how to cook?

Not really, 'cause if we’re gonna be both cooking, then wala na 'yung thrill niya na “Uy! He cooked." I can cook, so I’d rather be the one doing the cooking.”

Is it a turn off if she doesn't cook? Why?

Siguro hindi naman. Pero if I couldn’t cook, tapos hindi niya rin kaya, 'yun turn off kasi we’re both gonna starve, walang makakain. But then, I can cook naman.

Describe your ligaw style. Has it worked so far?

I start [by getting] to know the girl first. I get to know the inner part of the girl, see if she gets the vibe in me. Eventually, [after] spending a lot of time together, that would probably lead to a relationship. But then, I don’t rush. I always like to pick the girl’s mind and see what she’s all about before I make a decision.

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Have you ever used a pick up line on a girl?

Yeah, a lot of cheesy ones out there, pero usually pang-joke time lang 'yung mga 'yun.

Can you give us a sample?

The one I always use? Sorry, I actually can’t remember anymore. But I use those pick up lines usually for jokes, hindi 'pag seryoso, pampatawa lang.

What's your favorite conversation topic during a date?

Probably what she did during the week, the whole week.

What would make you ask a girl out on a second or third date?

I guess I’ll base it on the first date. If I know that I enjoyed the date, it wasn’t boring, I’d probably ask her out on a second or third date. First date pa lang you can already see if there’s gonna be another night.

What's a deal-breaker for you on the first date?

I guess the way she thinks about life, her outlook on stuff. That's how I can see if it’s a go or a no.

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Would you kiss on the first date?

Yeah, if the opportunity is there and we’re both in the moment, make sure it’s right, why not?

Has a girl ever rejected you before?

Oh yeah. Twice or thrice? It’s happened before, so anything can happen in life.

Can you tell us about it?

Yeah, sure. I won’t drop names na lang. Back then she was a rising actress. At that time, we were going out. So it was cool. But then, eventually, when she became a big star, medyo busy na, hindi na nagre-reply.

If someone you really like turns you down, what would you do?

I’d be sad for maybe a couple of days, but then I won’t be carrying my sadness throughout the month, throughout the year. 'Cause for me, the best thing to do is to move on. You have your friends to enjoy, there are other girls out there, so it won’t really be a big deal for me.

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Will you go after her despite the rejection?

Well, you can’t force someone to like you. So if ever she does make a decision about me and it’s not the way I want it to be, that she would like me, then I won’t really force the issue. [I'll] probably move on to another one.

Are you a never-say-die type of guy?

Well, yeah, with that girl, the one who became famous, yeah I could say I was a never-say-die guy kasi talagang I tried e. But then it really didn’t work out. That was a learning experience actually. Now I know.

What can you advise girls who have been rejected by guys?

I guess same as with guys--there are so many guys out there. Don’t try to make your life focus on just one guy, especially if it’s not working out for you and the guy. There are so many guys out there. So try to see the world.

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Complete this sentence: The way to my heart is through my __________.

Siguro my cooking.

What should be the qualities they look for in a guy?
I’m sure girls have their own tastes in guys. I’m sure you have your own taste in guys. I mean, iba naman yung gusto ng girls. They want tisoy, maitim, matangkad, maliit, macho, mataba. So I guess it’s up to the girl to decide what kind of guy she really wants.

What kind of guy would you advise that women should go for?

Uh, sino kaya? Siguro dapat chef, gentleman, single (laughs).

Styling by Kabbie Rodriguez
Grooming by Cats del Rosario
With reports from Trixie Reyna
Special thanks to Mhon Lures and Jose's mom for their assistance