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Cosmo Online Hunk Mark Whittington: The Loyal Laborer

This week, we're giving you another treat--in the form of 64 new pics of our October hunk working the hard hat! Construction has never looked this hot.

Just by looking at Mark Whittington’s muscular body and manly features (not to mention those sexy tattoos), you can tell this guy’s a tough one. But this guy has a funny, sweet, and romantic side lurking underneath the bad boy looks.

You have already had a taste of his sense of humor and frankness after reading his interview. You also know he is passionate about his career and music. This week,’s  conversation with him shifts to serious relationships, love, and heartbreak. Yes, underneath all the brawn, Mark has a senti side.

And for this week's set of photos? We fan the flames of your fantasy for this hot handyman, as we make him work the hard hat. Since he looks so damn good with it on, we're treating you to MORE photos of him than ever--64, to be exact, which totally tops the 50 photos from last week! Whichever you choose to do first--be entertained by his interview or click through all 64 photos--you are sure in for a hunky mid-week treat!

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How many girlfriends have you had? 

Two lang.

Have you ever been in love?

Yes, twice.

What’s the sweetest thing you've ever done for a girl you like?

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Um, I haven’t done many sweet things. I bought a puppy for a girl once.

For what occasion?

No [occasion], I just bought it for her. She was like, “Aww look at it, I want it.” Done. Bought it for her.

How do you know that you’re in love with someone?

You still get butterflies even though you’ve been with her for a week. When you get to see her again the next day, you can’t stand being apart. You know, you can’t fight it. It’s just in you, you just know (laughs).

What’s the craziest thing you've ever done for love?

For love? Um, I bought a puppy? (Laughs) I haven’t done many crazy things for love, but for girls, it’s a different story.

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Tell us about it.

I said it before: I ran down the street naked with a cowboy hat on, just to get her attention. It worked (laughs).

Do you believe long distance relationships can work?

No. I did it with my first girlfriend. She lived, like, a three-hour drive away from me. And no, it didn’t work.

Have you ever been heartbroken?


How did you deal with it?

Laugh and move on to the next one (laughs).

How much time do you need to move on
after a breakup?

Move on, I don’t know. It really depends on who the girl was and how involved you were with that girl. We get pretty dopey, don’t we? But yeah, 'depends if you find another girl that mountains over her, then it’s pretty easy. But if you stop there lonely, you just dwell on depressing stuff, it takes a long, long time.

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Can you be friends with an ex-girlfriend?

Yeah, I can.

How do you define cheating?

Um, okay. If you’re with someone and you do anything that’s considered intimate or affectionate with another girl, that’s cheating in my eyes.

Have you ever cheated?

I don’t know (laughs). No comment.

Would you forgive a girl if she cheats on you?

Depends. It all really depends on the situation. If she willingly did it, and it’s all there in the head, you know, then no. But if it was just an accident slip-up thing, like talking to an old friend and he kissed her [and] she pushed him away, then that’s not cheating. I’ll forgive her about that.

If your girlfriend would never find out, would you cheat?

Probably not. 'Cause the guilt is still in my mind. So I don’t really want that in my conscience.

Watch for more photos and the last part of his interview next Wednesday, where Mark spills ALL the juicy, sexy stuff!

Styling by Kabbie Rodriguez

Grooming by Sheryl Songsong
Special thanks to Allan Altera

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