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Cosmo Online Hunk Markki Stroem: Your Cool City Stud

A summer hunk should be hot in any backdrop--be it a beach or a city park. Meet the guy that will fulfill your summer fantasies in the metro.

Almost all your summer hunk shoots are at the beach (check out Cosmo's April ish to see 10 Steamy Summer Studs in all their half-naked glory on a picturesque beach resort!). But, you can appreciate a summer hunk in the city, too! At least, that's what our April Cosmo Online Hunk Markki Stroem is out to prove to you.

Markki has, until now, been mostly known as the cute Pilipinas Got Talent finalist who charmed us with his pretty boy looks, 5’11’’ tall frame, and dreamy voice. If you're into theater, you've also probably seen him in the play Next To Normal. But, that is about to change: you'll get to know Markki like never before as we unveil him for you through a series of revealing interviews and photo galleries, the way only Cosmo can.

He charmed every female member of the shoot crew gathered at Amici in Ayala Triangle Gardens on that beautiful afternoon. If prior to this Cosmo feature you probably only know him for his talent in acting, singing, and songwriting, you will discover (as we did) that the 23-year-old Fil-Norwegian hunk is a pro at posing! He had so many great shots, that we're indulging you with loads of them each week--starting with this gallery of 75 photos.

Who would want to leave the city this summer when you've got a hottie like this in your midst? Read the first of four interviews and check out his photo gallery.

When and where were you discovered?

I was discovered on, well, I did Bench a while back, and my manager found me there. I did a ramp show during my college days, ‘cause it was one of those times when you go back home and go like, “Hey, why not? It’s a little bit of extra money.” So I did a Bench fashion show, and my manager contacted me about it after. I did Philippine Idol even before that. It’s not really up to when I was discovered, it’s like there’s various times in the past six years when I could have been discovered. So, there’s no particular date.

What shows have you done so far?

Well, I started off, I really started off with Pilipinas Got Talent. My management put me in that last year in February and I was fortunate enough to make it to the finals. I was with Jovit Baldovino, the Grand Champion, and 10 other finalists. And it was quite a battle at the end of the Araneta show in July 2010.

What shows are you doing now?

Last month, March, I did a play called Next To Normal. It’s by Atlantis Productions, and I was with Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo and Jett Pangan. It had a run in RCBC Plaza until the end of March. It was a really tough procedure, a tough process, because Bobby Garcia, the director, is very strict. He wants everything to be very perfect; he’s a perfectionist. And I'm also like most of the other performers, we’re all OC, so we want to be the best we could possibly be.

Have you always wanted a career in entertainment?

Yes, since I was 3.

What made you want it since?

This is the funniest story, 'cause my yaya--I actually signed a book for her just now--she taught me my first-ever song. I was in a cradle and then I hear an Ilonggo song that my yaya [was singing]. And then I started singing it, and then she said, “Ah, may boses pala 'to!” And from then on, I said “Why not?” I started to fall in love with it, join choirs, join plays, write songs--my life has been [about] singing. I wake up and I wanna sing, I go to sleep and then I sing in my dreams.

What are you passionate about?

Oh, music! Period. My songs, I write a few songs, they’re basically my diary. I use it as a way for me to express myself on paper. I have my piano and I just compose. I love it and I’d like to share it with the world. And fortunately enough, I have a record deal coming up in May. So fingers crossed, I get to use most of my originals. We’ll see.

What’s your main passion: singing, theater acting, TV, or modeling?

To be completely honest with you, it’s a toss-up between singing and theater. I don’t know, I was brought up doing plays, writing songs, so it’s a toss-up. It’s two different passions, like acting and singing, or singing while acting. They are two different passions that are good to be cultivated by themselves and with each other, in conjunction, which works. Those are my main passions.

How do you spend your day now? What do you usually do?

During the day, I go to the gym, basically everyday. I have a lot of work, especially the play, so I practice. I just came back from Davao yesterday. What else? There are TV guestings, ASAP, I did a teleserye in February with TV5, that was a lot of fun. I’m getting ready to audition for a new theater play.

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Shot on location at Amici and Cara Mia, Ayala Triangle Gardens, Makati.
Special thanks to Ayala Land.

Outfit: Blue button-down shirt from Topman, khaki pants from Mundo, white button-down shirt and denim jeans from What A Girl Wants...For Her Man.

Stylist: Camille Santiago
Makeup: Cats del Rosario
Sittings editor: Trixie Reyna
Special thanks to Allan Altera

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