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Cosmo Online Hunk Markus Wiedenmann: Sun-Drenched Stud

Here's a sight to make you love summer more: our uber HOT Online Hunk lounging in the simmering sunlight!
Cosmo chicks can name a hundred reasons to love summer—the beach, skimpy bikinis, ice-cold drinks, barkada road trips, and summer hunk Markus Wiedenmann! Don't you just wish you could pack that last item in a tote and take him with you to a summer getaway?

Since we can't do that for you, we're giving you the next best thing: we’re letting you ogle the 26-year-old Eurasian supermodel as he relaxes in the summer sun! For more info on the half-Thai, half-German hunk, read the interview below and find out what kind of girl he digs, what wins him over on a date, and why he’s a cougar-lover.

Cosmo Hint: This sizzling supermodel loves hitting the beach as much as you, Cosmo girls, do. When you reach your paradise destination this summer, just imagine it’s him slathering sunblock down your back!

What do you think is your most attractive quality?

I’m very playful. I’m very, very playful most of the time. I don’t know why, but the boy in me has never disappeared. I would always play around, joke around. I always don’t want people to feel down. I want the majority to feel happy with my existence.

What kind of girl are you usually attracted to?

I think similarities sometimes attract. I think [I like] the ones who know the East, feel the West, and have both feelings, so I think I go for Eurasians. But I don’t really stick to that because a lot of Western-born Asians also have that attitude going on. For someone to actually be able to speak with me, I like to have someone who can also be my best friend. We can talk, we can go do things [together]. [I like] someone who’s very open-minded.

Have you met girls you like in the Philippines?

Actually I must admit that in the Philippines, everyone is very fun and they’re very good with their vocabulary as well, with their English. You get to understand them and they’re always very talkative and very outgoing.

You didn’t answer our question!

Yeah (laughs). No, I haven’t met anyone yet.

That’s okay, you’ve been here only a few weeks. What wins you over on a date?

It’s when you get along and the conversation could keep on going for hours and hours, and you feel like the time has flown by for like five hours or six hours. You kind of have to click.

What do you do when you’re just not clicking?

Then I actually find a way to remove myself (laughs).


There’s got to be some dead air somehow, somewhere that you kind of come up with something else. It would be mutual. I would try to be as polite as possible. But in my opinion, if the first date doesn’t really work, it really wouldn’t be working the second time. Unless there are some health issues or something else that goes on. So I would try to be as polite as possible.

What’s your worst date experience?

[My] worst date experience, it’s always about me, that I cannot make them speak or I cannot make them laugh. They’re just sitting there saying, ‘Yeah.’ They don’t open up. That’s the worst thing that could happen. Maybe it’s just the things that might come from them, or it might come from me. It’s just [that] sometimes, it doesn’t click. When it doesn’t click, it really doesn’t click. For me it’s very extreme that way. If it clicks, then we get along very well. If it doesn’t click, then usually we end up going, “Let’s eat.”

Have you ever gotten an indecent proposal from older women?

Oh, it’s usually me who asks them (laughs)! I never really went for anyone my age or younger. They were always slightly older. Some of them are even much older, but you wouldn’t know, they look so young.

How old is "much older"?

At first it would be the attitude and their way of speaking, because I don’t really get along with anybody in my same age range. I grew up really quickly. So I’m comfortable with women possibly five to 10 years older than me.

So you’ve dated someone 10 years older than you? How did it turn out?

It was fine for some time. But when you’re dating someone 10 years older, there’s a little bit of complication after a while. They want to get married. I was 21 back then. I don’t think I could go on with that plan of getting married just yet.

Are you single now?

Yes. Well, nobody came along so far.

I can’t believe that! I’m sure you’re going to meet someone along the way.

I hope so.

Shades from Ray-Ban, white button-down shirt from Levi's, shorts from Topman.

Grooming by Cats del Rosario
Styling by Liz Anne Bautista

Special thanks to Regina Belmonte and Joyce Ramirez

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