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Cosmo Online Hunk Markus Wiedenmann: Wet And Wild

Let the uber-gorgeous half-German, half-Thai supermodel heat up your computer screens even more as he makes his final splash this week!
In his few weeks as our March Online Hunk, the half-German, half-Thai supermodel Markus Wiedenmann has gained an army of Pinay fans. With his Caucasian-Asian good looks, infectious smile, and super-sharp wit, we’re pretty sure Cosmo chicks will be talking about the Thailand-based supermodel for days to come.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and Markus’s stint as Online Hunk is no exception. But we’re not letting him go without giving you, Cosmo chicks, a naughty treat to remember him by. This week, the German-Thai supermodel hits the pool and gets positively wet. And if that’s not enough, he finally spills his sexy secrets!

Let Markus heat things up for the last time this month as he talks about his frisky food fetish and his naughty outdoor sexcapades!

Tell us a sexy secret of yours.

I like food. I like making dinner but integrated into something sexy.

What kind of food do you “integrate”?



I’m working on that. Maybe it’s a bit too sour (laughs). Sweets. A lot of fruits. Cherries and strawberries.

Boxers or briefs?


Have you done it on the beach?

Yes. Quite a few places actually. A really, really odd place was at a beach in Thailand. During the morning the water rose, and then suddenly I was under the sun, and I woke up and I was on a cliff in the middle of nowhere. So it wasn’t really great afterwards.

Where's the craziest place you've done it?

Do you really want to know that?

Yes, I do!

It was on a tree. It’s a little treehouse that was kind of half-broken. I was 19 or 20 then.

So you’re open to outdoor sex?

Yes. It’s very exciting (laughs).

Do you like it wild or romantic?


So you’re not into kinky sex?

Every now and then is okay (laughs).

Shades from Ray-Ban; board shorts, model’s own.

Grooming by Cats del Rosario
Styling by Liz Anne Bautista

Special thanks to Regina Belmonte and Joyce Ramirez
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