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Cosmo Online Hunk Miguel Villafuerte: Wakeboarding Hottie

We're making the last month of summer (and our anniv month) extra special by featuring this fun, fearless extreme sports hunk who will make you swoon with his impressive moves!

It’s already May and there's no sign the temperature is going down anytime soon. So, you better make sure you make the most of this time by going on trips and just having as much fun under the sun as you can (wear sunscreen!). If you've been to one too many beaches this season, why don't you try something new? In this month of Fun Fearless Females, we dare you to do something fun and fearless like wakeboarding at CamSur! And who better to inspire you to pack your bags and rash guard and head on over to the CamSur Watersports Complex than our May Online Hunk, Miguel Villafuerte!

Miguel (or Migz) comes from a well-respected political family. The 22-year-old is the eldest son of Camarines Sur Governor LRay Villafuerte and Lara Villafuerte. We were amused to learn during the shoot at CWC that wakeboarding is actually a family sport for the Villafuertes: his dad, mom, two younger brothers, and sister are in on the sport. It's no wonder that at the young age of 16, after trying it out at a local resort, Miguel fell in love with the sport; he's been hooked ever since. "My number one hobby is wakeboarding, it’s my first love. It's love at first sight. Without wakeboarding I wouldn’t be here, naks!" says Migz.

Now, the Jericho Rosales look-a-like has become a wakeboarding pro, recognized as one of the best wakeboarders, both in the Philippines and abroad. But, that's not all he's about. The moreno looker has a lot of other things going for him: he's currently finishing his Political Science degree in Los Angeles while managing the apparel business he co-owns with his brother here, Republ1c, among other activities.

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Recommended Videos flew to CamSur for this photo shoot to capture Miguel in his haven. Incidentally, CWC happens to be Miguel's brainchild, where he naturally perfected his wakeboarding skills and stunts--which he showed off for us in this first photo gallery. Click through all 40+ photos and get to know Migz in this interview.

How often do you wakeboard?

My first four years of wakeboarding, I used to go every weekend up to like every day. But since I moved to the States, not as much. Once I get back here for good, I’ll be doing it again everyday.

And need we ask where you usually train for wakeboarding?

Cam Sur of course, it's the best cable park in the world! Every single cable park in the world right now, like the new ones, are copying us.

What are you most proud of when it comes to what you've accomplished in this sport?

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Winning the National Championship three times, the Asian Championship once, and getting 8th in the world. It feels really good representing your country, meeting new people, and the rush you get from winning--it’s unbelievable. Wakeboarding is not really a mainstream sport, and no one really knows about you (laughs), but yeah it feels good, it’s like bragging rights.

So how do you feel about wakeboarding not being that popular as a sport? And, do you feel the need to do something about that?

About wakeboarding not being popular? I think it’s good because it has that underground feel to it. Like, people who do it are the hard core ones and they’re all like in one small circle. So it feels good, but yeah, that’s me and my dad’s goal, to make wakeboarding mainstream in the Philippines. Like, the next two or three years, [there are] gonna be like double or triple the wakeboard parks in the Philippines.

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So you’re building another one?

Yeah, in Nuvali. We’re gonna have the next Philippine Nationals in July there, I think.

So we know your number one hobby is wakeboarding. But, what other activities are you into?

I also like surfing, snowboarding, and playing basketball.

What else are you passionate about aside from wakeboarding?

I’m very passionate about work. I’m a workaholic. I like not staying idle, I like moving around, staying busy.

You own a store with your brother, right? What made you want to bring Republ1c to Manila?

It started as a hobby. We just like business and we saw the potential of bringing stuff from the States, also coming from LA. I see a lot of stuff that’s not available in Manila or the Philippines in general, so we saw a big potential for the products.

Watch for more photos of Migz and the second part of our interview with him next Wednesday.

Shot on location at CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC), Provincial Capitol Complex, Cadlan, Pili, Camarines Sur (contact numbers: 054-4773344 or 054-4773349; e-mail:
Special thanks to Gov. LRay Villafuerte

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Outfit: all from Republ1c

Stylist: Camille Santiago
Makeup: Ken Pagaspas
Hair: Roman Gravador
Sittings editor and additional reporting: Trixie Reyna
Special thanks to MJ Cordova and Visions and Expressions